How to Test Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

Cordless Leaf Blowers

If your item best cordless leaf blower likes one as makita xbu02pt1 18v x2 has fuel but fails to start, either the ignition coil, the spark plug lead, or the spark plug is faulty. The magneto on your leaf blower offers a pulse of low voltage electrical energy to the ignition coil. The series of ignition coil itself is a step-up transformer containing a primary and secondary coil. These coils enhance magneto voltage that is excessive sufficient to ignite the fuel/air combination in the cylinder by way of jumping the gap between the spark plug electrodes. Use an ignition tester to take a look at the spark plug, the plug lead, and the ignition coil.

Steps to test ignition Coil on Leaf Blower:

  • Remove the spark plug lead via pulling the rubber boot off the plug side.
  • Just clamp the alligator clip on the ignition tester to the spark plug and then insert the other give up of the examiner into the connector internal the rubber boot.
  • Pull the starter rope, but remain clear of the ignition tester leads to keep away from a shock.
  • Just pay close attention to the transparent window of the ignition tester while pulling the starter rope. If you see a shiny blue spark bounce across the terminals in the tester window and the engine starts, each the ignition coil and spark plug are in working order. If not, go to the next step.
  • Now just remove the alligator clip from the Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews spark plug and clamp it onto a bolt on the leaf blowers cylinder head. Pull the starter rope; if you see a bright blue spark leap across the tester window, the spark plug is faulty and have to replace. If there is still no spark, both the coil itself has burned out, and the plug lead is defective.
  • Replace the plug lead and retest. If you do not see a spark bounce the gap, the coil is defective and ought to replaced.


How to Change the Ignition Coil on a Leaf Blower?

The ignition coil of Makita Cordless Leaf Blower Reviews is a two-cycle engine in a miniature transformer! It transforms a low-voltage battery’s strength into the high-voltage needed for combustion to occur. Electrical errors, such as a regularly worn-out spark plug, are a sign that the ignition coil may additionally have problems. Replacing the coil involves dissembling the laptop down to merely the engine. For this purpose, you just need to perform the below-mentioned steps:

  • Unplug the Makita xbu02pt1 reviews spark plug boot and wire. Unscrew the air filter cover and do away with it as nicely as the filter. Unhook the throttle linkage from the carburetor. Unscrew the predominant engine cover and cast off it. Remove the spark plug the usage of a wrench.
  • On the side of the blower item, unscrew and take away the fan housing. Pull out the fan blades and washer underneath them. Unscrew the gasoline tank and slide it out of place. Unscrew the engine mounting screws on this aspect of the machine. This may somehow require an Allen wrench as depending on the model. Just pull the engine away from the rest of the assembly.
  • Unscrew the ignition coil and do away with it as nicely as the washers and spacers. Transfer parts to the new coil establishing with the on/off switch attach the wire retaining grommet as correctly as the spacers and appliances from the old coil.
  • Now attach the new ignition coil to the engine and screw it in only until tight. Rotate the flywheel until the magnets are no longer going through the coil. Place a piece of card inventory between the coil and the flywheel. Loosen the screws maintaining the coil in place and then re-tighten them to make the specific perfect spacing between the coil and the wheel. Rotate the wheel so that the magnets are once more aligned.
  • Reassemble the machine, establishing with putting the engine again into location and pulling the on/off swap wires up into the handle. Replace the engine mounting screws and gas tank with its mounting screws. Place the washer, and fan blades returned on to the machine, and screw the housing over them. Attach the essential cowl and hook the throttle linkage lower back into the carburetor. Plugin the spark plug as nicely as its wire and boot. Just replace the air filter and screw its cover over the top.

Things You Will Need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Wrench
  • Card stock

Individual Poulan blowers might also range in their setup, depending on the age of the machine. Consult your precise owner’s guide to being positive that this conventional repair manner applies to your blower. Try to always work with a new laptop to keep away from burns. Keep in mind all the steps we mentioned for you.


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