How to Test for Aphantasia

The inability to create mental images and visualize objects using the mind’s eye is called aphantasia. It turns out that about 2-3 % of people experience this condition. If you want to know whether you blind inside too, take the aphantasia test. It will help to analyze the activity of your brain and identify whether you can use associative mnemonic devices for eidetic memory improvement.

How to test for aphantasia and methods for improving eidetic memory

A solution to poor memory and how to test for aphantasia

Aphantasia is a psychophysical condition when a person does not have the ability to consciously create images using the mind’s eye. How can you know if you are one of these people who experience such an unusual phenomenon, and is there a test for aphantasia? First of all, important to notice that it is not an illness, cognitive dysfunction, or abnormality. The thing is that several areas are responsible for the visualization of memories in our brain that can work together, helping our mind to retrieve the needed information. And these areas work differently in approximately 3% of the population.

For example, the concept of popular mnemonic device the memory palace, also known as the mind palace or the Method of Loci, is to create a mental connection between facts, complicated definitions, scientific concepts, etc. and real objects on the virtual map that a person imagines in the head. It is a great way to achieve spectacular mind skills and impress everyone with your memory capacity. Students, working professionals, elderly people can also use this technique to strengthen eidetic, episodic, or long term memory.

The difficulty, however, is that people with aphantasia cannot imagine pictures, tactile sensations, smells, or sounds. If, after taking the aphantasia test, you will find out that you are one of these people with a blind inner eye, don’t worry. You still can dream. This is why it is not a mental disorder, and it shouldn’t be cured. But the question is, can people with aphantasia use a memory palace tactic for their eidetic memory improvement?

What is an eidetic memory and where we can use it?

If you are wondering what is an eidetic memory, it means you want to analyze different aspects of the human brain. Eidetic memory is the visual ability to reproduce any type of content without looking at it. Therefore, it is also called a photographic memory. The owners of eidetic memory vividly remember the visual images that are imprinted in their long-term memory. And people can return to them at any moment, even if an object was in front of their eyes for a couple of seconds. There is currently no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. Moreover, there is a great debate in the scientific community about this type of memory, whether it actually exists, and how to train it.

But while someone is trying to confirm and someone is to deny the existence of photographic memory, some successfully train it with the help of a mnemonic device. Advantages of such an approach:

  • a mnemonic strategy with combining several methods at once including the use of modern technologies like memoryOS can fit the needs of different age groups for facilitating the learning process;
  • the mind palace technique can promote great material retention and solve the issue of poor memory;
  • a person who has difficulties with information recall can exercise daily for reaching the great eidetic memory skills.

Using innovative and modern software like memoryOS, the boring learning process can become an exciting experience for sharpening your mind. Discovering what is an eidetic memory, you will definitely seek the easy path to develop it, and memoryOS can assist you during this difficult memory improvement trip.

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