Is a Career in Veterinary Medicine Right for you?

Being a vet is a career that is perfect for anyone who has a passion for helping animals. This academic field is not only popular but much sought after as well due to the various benefits that it carries. If you are an animal lover, then this path will bring you job satisfaction along with good financial rewards.

Along with helping people take care of their pets better, you can also be a part of the agricultural industry or work on global projects that focus on sea life or other forms of animal welfare.

The job is certainly of a demanding nature and if you are planning to be a part of this industry, then you must invest in a good course. If you are considering your options then studying in Caribbean veterinary university will provide you with excellent veterinary training that will help you become a responsible and skilled vet. Though, before you pick this career path, here are some factors that you must bring into consideration.

Is being a vet for you? 

There are numerous reasons why one chooses a profession but a career in the medical fraternity, particularly being a vet is picked by those who either have a penchant for this path or are truly passionate about animals. For many, it could be triggered by seeing animals getting grievously injured or not getting the right treatment. Whereas others could also see it as a rewarding path that brings success in every way. Some main reasons why one chooses a career as a vet are:

  • They truly want to help animals

If you have always been concerned about the health and welfare of animals and share a bond with them then being a veterinary will help you in your work. This means you will have the right knowledge and access to medicines to take care of animals and you can relieve them of their sufferings, be it an injury, seasonal illness, ticks or even something as grievous as a chronic disease. Being a vet, you can also perform spay and neuter surgeries on pets and other stray animals which will keep the pet population in check and help reduce illness.

  • Be an independent professional

Vets more than doctors have the independence to work in private practice. While during the initial phase, you might start out working for an established clinic, you will find plenty of options to work independently as you progress professionally. This can be anything from opening your own private practice to even opting for a mobile practice where you don’t have to invest a lot in the start-up.

  • Excellent remuneration 

Following your dream career and also being paid for it is a win-win for any professional. Not only is being a vet a job that is satisfying in terms of the work you do for animal welfare, but it also provides one with a good salary. Financial remuneration in the profession of a vet in early 2019 was estimated to be around $89,000. Considering the value that this field holds, the salaries continue to rise giving one an added benefit of joining this sector.

Choosing the right veterinarian school such as St. Matthews can help you acquire the right skills and learning for this path. The Caribbean university offers everything from clinical rotations to a smaller class size ratio to give individual attention to students and enhance their learnings.

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