10 Best Life360 Alternatives and Similar Apps In 2024

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This post will explain life 360. Life360 is an app for Android & IOS mobile phones that offers location service for the family-based primarily on GPS technology. Life360 incorporates Circles, which are groups for pals or household. Some may be simply communication channels, while others might utilize all area features. The qualities and choices specify to each Circle.

 What is Life360 and It’s Uses

Life360 Inc is an application that can be used to share your place with your friends and family while you are not in your home or taking a trip. So, in a nutshell, Life360 is a household locator app. Started in 2008, today Life360 is 1 of the most current geo-location apps that is used by family & friends. This likewise allows sending out an alert message to your family/friends in case of emergency with just a tap away. It can likewise be utilized for place sharing, aid alert, roadside help, crime report and a lot more.

 10 Best Life360 Alternatives to Management in 2024

For remarkable idea, if you are trying to find comparable apps to Life360 then you may think about the below list. I have actually noted a few of the best alternatives to Life360 which are totally free and can be used on iPhone and Android, have a look: Also check SKSE64 Not Working.

1. Find My Kids: Parental control

The FindMyKids application is a good app for parents who want to know their children are safe by seeing them on a map in real-time. And even the app focuses on the parent-children relationship, and it also can be used to know the location of virtually anyone on the map.Key features

– Real-time precise location

– 30 days location history

– Ability to connect a wide range of smart children’s GPS watches

– To-Do list for children, where parents can assign tasks and give rewards for their completion

– Sending and receiving SOS alerts from both children and parents

– Ability to listen to surrounding sound of a child, in case the child is not picking up a phone

– Tracking of time spent by a child in games and social networks

2. Glympse

Easily send out a link showing your place by SMS, e-mail or social media network. The recipient simply has to press the link to display a map showing where you remain in real-time. You alone decide individuals with whom you share information, as well as the duration of the sharing.

Key Features

– The app focuses specifically on the location-sharing service and removes any other element that might not interest you in any way.

– The central premise of the app has the ability to rapidly and quickly share your GPS location with friends, family and work colleagues.

– Another excellent function of the application is to choose for how long you want to share your area with another contact (from 15 minutes up to 4 hours).

– Glympse uses an even quicker and more comfy user experience and can be downloaded for free.

– Glympse does not require recipients to sign up to see where you are on a map: they simply need a web connection.

– It ends instantly after a certain amount of time. So, there is no risk of you neglecting to switch off location sharing and unintentionally pass your area on for hours.

3. OwnTracks

OwnTracks is the Open Source options to Life360. Although it appears not have as several articles as its rival, the information is only sent from mobile applications to its own server, no third-party service is used. Home Assistant by means of the statement (visually or with YAML) of the OwnTracks combination, you will create an Own TracksWebhook server where you can receive the details securely by means of HTTP. You also have the MQTT alternative if you have a separate configured server.

Key Features

– Own tracks is an open-source that allows you to share GPS areas.

– A really light and basic protocol that needs couple of resources and bandwidth for communications.

– It can trace individuals and can see when they left home, where they were leaving.

– With your friends and family, you have the satisfaction of building your personal area.

– It can find out, if they remained in a location for a long time, possibly it was their workplace or their house.

– It keeps your information personal and secret as it uses open procedures for interaction.

4. Geozilla

The Geozilla application is an excellent option compared to other alternatives offered on the network. Whenever you wish to be aware of the present location of your loved ones, you will require to form your private circle that will include any member you want to track. The application offers a free messaging service to communicate with all participants in groups or separately.

Key Features

– Geozilla makes it easy for users to know the specific area of other gadgets.

– The application enables you to transfer your place to all your socials media with a simple touch.

– It can be used as an organizer to set up upcoming events, set pointers to not forget crucial conferences.

– It is best to backtrack your steps if you have lost something or wish to keep in mind where you went on a particular day.

– You can include grocery store products or visit suggestions to the contact list and designate them to a specific place.

– As quickly as the contact approaches the conserved place, they will get a notice on their phone to remind them of the tasks.

5. Zenly

Zenly is a new mobile app that lets loved ones to be found in real-time, and to interact with them in a different way thanks to an innovation that allows sharing the geographical situation. The primary approach of the application is to understand where our friends are, and when you open the application what we discover is simply that, a big map where they all appear once we have included them to our list.

Key Features

– Zenly’s design is appealing, easy to use and really instinctive. It has plenty of small details that make it a really spirited experience.

– The app incorporates some emojis with its own original style and thanks to these signs it is really simple to acknowledge buddies.

– If the meeting button is pushed, you can start the itinerary in Citimapper or Uber Maps.

– Also fascinating is the function of being able to measure the arrival of roadway time, on foot or by car, and so on – It is possible to share our location just for a few hours with anybody, even if you do not have the application set up on your smart device.

– Zenly has easy rules that will allow us to invite or remove our good friends and pick what the chosen contacts might or may not look at. Also check wish alternatives

6. PathShare

The application permits you to begin an unique session in between people from a nearby circle to share an area in real-time and for a specific duration. The user decides how far it shows up to others. This app also utilizes GPS on your phone to share your area with your loved ones. It likewise helps you track the real-time place of your kid without them knowing.

Secret Features

– Real-time area to share: Let your good friends see that it proceeds the map in real-time.

– Group sessions: Share your way with a whole group of your address book.

– Run the application on iOS or Android– or in a web browser on any phone or computer system and see your pals, even if you do not have the application installed.

– Security consists of active period control: No place to share after leaving the session or has ended.

– All information is transferred through SSL, which is the same procedure that the bank utilizes for its internet banking services.

– Easy to install without needed accounts. It runs instantly in the background.

– You will be alerted when other individuals go into or leave a session, and when they are nearby.

7. Sygic Family Locator

This is another useful place tracking application that can easily tell us where your children are. With this special software application, the safety of your kids is guaranteed since you can understand your whereabouts precisely. This assists to understand the exact location of the person to track. In extension, you can generate geofences and keep your enjoyed ones more secure (specifically your children).

Secret Features

– This application has an efficient household locator application with an instant messaging function as well.

– SOS function that informs you when the child gets in a marked area.

– The user can examine the place of the individual in real-time, send messages and images.

– You can alter the risk zones and you will be alerted if a member of the family reaches this specific location.

– Users can receive notifications whenever the person comes to, share their own place.

– Controls: Touch user interface, simplified and instinctive, provides fast navigation.

– This app is ideal for young children. If you currently have a teenager or young adult, it’s one of the best to consider.

8. Sprint Family Wall

It is a miracle policies to keep your family notified of the different occasions prepared. It is a social media developed for families where you can send messages, videos, photos, and sounds. Here you can include your parents without fear. You will no longer miss out on any family event and you can incorporate the function which enables you to follow the leasing of mobile phones, just to watch on the kids.

Key Features

– Communication is simple. Even when you’re not materially together, you can still stay near to individuals you like with instantaneous messaging.

– You can send texts, images, and videos to your enjoyed ones privately.

– A shared organizer. This feature includes shared wish list, calendars, contacts, editable task lists, and location records.

– With this tool never ever miss out on an unique event, a birthday and, above all, the birthday of a loved one. Conserving the place is useful in making certain everybody is safe.

– Easy sharing of photos. You can tell your household where you are and what you are doing by simply sending them your picture.

– Others can send images so you don’t have to fret about where they are and what they’re doing.


It is a terrific tool that lets you understand what’s going on in your city or in your location. You can keep an eye on multiple live occasions or what is going to happen in the future. You have the alternative of asking your buddies to come with one ping and enjoy quality time out in the road or in someplace else. You can more link to your Facebook report to see if any friends is using this app and stay linked.

Key Features

– Through this tool, you can watch on the streams or channels of various artists. You can follow a magazine or clubs.

– You can erase your pings, chats, and messages not only on your device but also on the gadgets of your good friends at any time

– It assists you watch on your good friend’s activity by connecting Facebook.

– It helps you to keep updated with the events or any programs that are happening that can be within your reach.

– Easy to exposure to your good friends and get information about their area in meager time.

– Through this application, you have every chance to develop sufficient chances and meet with unknown and new people.

10. Relied on Contacts

The application allows you to share the place with good friends or household, in addition to the accepted individuals can ask for the last recognized location in case a relative has not lain. If an individual has not communicated in a number of hours and their location are unknown, a user with prior permission can see the last area and take action. Also check vanced .

Key Features

– The application allows you to share your area information with buddies and household so they can be sure of your security.

– The application deals with numerous gadgets and also works without an Internet connection.

– Trusted Contacts can even reveal the battery that the missing individual’s phone had.

– The app has only 2 alternatives: add brand-new contacts or share the location. Therefore, the application is extremely easy to use and fulfill its objective.

– An individual can ask for that another share their location in case they are in a hazardous location or are strolling throughout the night, to this Google tells them to “walk accompanied”.

– Concerned parents can make use of this Google Trusted Contacts application to monitor their kids.

11. Findnow

Findnowmy location is a vital map application for any traveler to explore the world or anybody who merely does not want to get lost in the city. Findnow my demand place that reports the latitude and longitude of your present position. If the Internet connection is offered, you can likewise get the address of your area.

Secret Features

– Findnow and conserve a particular put on the map in just 2 clicks!

– Advanced Favourites feature of its location allows you to rank the kind of destination and include one.

– Registering areas using the readily available backup alternative.

– See your address and the street where you are now, and never ever get lost in the city.

– Find now directions to your destination on foot, by bike or by automobile.

– Nearby locations: Find whatever around you: coffee shops, businesses, shopping centers and much more.

– A GPS map information latitude and longitude according to your current position.

– Track the position to see later on the various routes you have taken Activate, and see your conserved routes.


These are a several of the very most useful Life360 Alternatives apps that you can use on your phone to remain connected with your family and darling. If you understand any other apps like Life360 then please let me know so that I can inspect and note it here.


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