Life Cycle in Recruitment- Hiring the Best Candidate For a Job Role

How a business performs depends to be a considerable extent on the hiring practices. Every new employee who joins a job is likely to be contributing in development, profitability, customer loyalty or negatively have an impact on the business. If you are not able to comply with the right process of recruitment it would lead to wastage of time, money or resources whereby you end up recruiting an underperforming employee. 

Once your business develops, obviously you are going to need an extra pair of hands to help you. Yes you need to hire employees who would be contributing. If you are not going to get the first one right, then asking others to contribute possess to be another major challenge. As per estimates the cost of hiring a bad employee is off- set by nearly 30 % of the first year savings of an employer. This includes the opportunity cost that means investing in the right candidate and a host of other parameters. 

Once you have decided to hire a new employee it is essential that you stick on to a correct hiring process. As an organization you need to take viable steps so as to avoid mistake in hiring. This would mean everything from the need to be recruiting and whereby ensuring that a potential employee joins a company. All the valuable insights have to be obtained so that your hiring decision is up to the mark. 

Figure out when you need to hire 

Hiring employees early can be loss of money, but even hiring too late means that the business would not be able to realize its potential. A notion is that companies resort to hiring in order to stack up employees or have people roam around the place. The goal of any organization has to be just the opposite, hiring lesser number of employees to run an organization. 

The reason why an employee is hired is that they have certain unique abilities and are able to think out of the box. The process of hiring should not be undertaken for the sake of it, but it has to comply with the business requirements. A manager has to be keep several things while recruitment. 

  • Increase workload- Hiring alarm goes on to click; the challenge is posed in order to comply with the increased workload where a general tendency is to postpone work. Recruitment provides an expansion for work and even liberty to various projects. 
  • Vision- If you have a part time business, then the vision can be a cool. But if you are looking at a profitable venture, then the time is right in order to avail certain quality candidates on board. Even the potential employees go on to recruit hired staff as if you are planning to sell out your venture. 

For a smart manager, there are pretty much aware on when is the right time to observe their business requirements. Whether with the options available they are able to comply with their deadline or there arises a need for a skill gap. First you have to figure out the business requirements, and be aware when the right time to be hiring is. Sourcing candidates to develop a talent pool is the norm. 

Working on the talent pool 

Whenever there is an opening for a job, it would be a great feeling if an organization is able to locate the right candidate. But this strategy might not seem as easy as it sounds. To source candidates without any proper strategy is like scrubbing the floor without any equipment. For your recruitment methodology you need to adopt an effective strategy. Online recruitment software can help you in such strategies but there are ways by which you can work on your talent pipeline. 

Define the job 

Once you hiring superior talent the onus are to attract the higher potential ones. An engaging and creative job description would come to the mind of a layman so as to be proceeding in that direction.  

It is not only the standard job description, the organization has to work on the values of an organization so as to reduce the possibility of a bad hire. The key is to start off with short and crispy overview of the job. 

Gradually, enticing factors should complyto a candidate in order to join a job. Rather than specifying about the incentives and salary a successful job description is going to help you determine on how it would help you achieve growth. It is also going to emphasize on the work of a candidate is going to contribute to the success of an organization. 

Work on your brand 

Everything that a candidate has heard about your company would entice them to join your company. The need of the hour is to build a strong brand where you stand apart from your competitors as far as the process of hiring is concerned. 

If a strong employee brand is not presented the candidate is not aware of the unique perks that the company might present. Encourage your employees to love the place where they work. Even asking employees to develop a hashtag and then using it on social media channels helps them to develop a talent pool. 

Each and everything that your organization does, market it as this is only going to give instant recognition to your brand. Even the culture of the company has an important role to play. The selection of employees in a job has to be skill centric, as they relate more to soft skills and not to the value of an employee. The impact that it makes on an entire organization is imminent. 


The process of hiring is expected to grow immensely in the present year. Once you have reached this far you might be aware on how to hire employees. You present yourself to be in a great position so as to manage your hiring practices. This would help you a lot in the coming days.