Make Mother’s Day Special for your wife and mother

Mother’s Day celebrates the extraordinary relationship we have with our mothers and the mother of our own children. The day acknowledges her love, dedication, and devotion towards her family, with an ability to keep all the plates spinning using abilities that are often overlooked or underrated.

Whilst traditional gifts for Mother’s Day are flowers, you can show your love with gifts that she can enjoy long after the flowers will have wilted. These cutting-edge gadgets are not household appliances, but gifts that support her interests and encourages her to take time for herself, whether quality earbuds to wear on her work commute or new accessories to make the most of her laptop.

Wireless Charging Dock 

A wireless charging dock that can charge several devices both quickly and simultaneously can make any mother’s life easier. You can find wireless charging docks with built-in USB ports for other gadgets, as well as those may specifically for frequent travellers. Alternatively, consider a compact battery pack that can fully charge most smartphones twice and still have the power to spare. Add in fast charging capabilities and a USB port and this could be her perfect gift.


A hybrid smartwatch looks like a classic chronograph watch face with mechanical hands yet also displays customisable features and can deliver notifications from a smartphone. This links to Mother’s Day ideas for gifts in that it looks like a piece of jewellery, which means it suits mother’s who are both conservative in their views but also tech-savvy. Alternatively, gift her an upgrade to an Apple Watch Series 5 with its new, sleeker design and many other improvements.

Sleep and Wake-up Light

Mothers know more than most the importance of a good night’s sleep. Gift her the chance of a good night’s sleep with a light that simulates sunrise and sunset. These lights have been clinically proven to improve sleep and help users feel more refreshed when they wake up. Some of these lights offer a range of soothing sounds that can be played as you drift off to sleep.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

She need never let her coffee go cold again. Whatever the hot beverage, gift her a temperature-controlled smart mug that can be controlled directly from a smartphone to ensure her drink will be ready for her to drink even if she is diverted by motherly chores.

For the photographer

A compact photo printer means she can print her favourite photographs for display in the home. Having photographs for celebrations, milestone events and other happy occasions around the house will make her feel good and with the printer, she can change the décor as much as she wants.

For those with fur babies

If Mother’s Day is for those who also mother fur babies, consider a dog camera at home so she can see what Fido is up to whilst she is out of the house. With some of these cameras, she can throw treats to the dog just by using an app. Alternatively, a GPS dog tracker will pair with her phone, should she be concerned the dog may run off.

AirPods or earbuds

There are regular upgrades to gadgets, so check if she needs new AirPods with an all-new, wireless charging case, meaning she can cut yet another cord from her life. The optional accessory is compatible with all Qi wireless chargers, allowing you to effortlessly charge the AirPods just like your iPhone. You can also gift a leather case for AirPods or earbuds to keep them safe and clean when not in use.

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