Moving into a New Year

Preparing for a big move can be both exciting and stressful. A new place and a fresh start can feel liberating, but the preparation can cause panic at just the thought. You are off on a new adventure, but you are leaving behind many memories. There are big benefits that come with change but there are some big challenges that come with it. Check out moving woes and how to revising them with these tips.

Moving Woes: 

  •       Feeling overwhelmed
  •       Exhaustion
  •       Limited Time
  •       Setbacks

These are all prevalent symptoms during the moving process.

What to Expect When Moving

Whether you are moving across town or to another state, moving is more stressful than you think. Sure, moving across town is a lot easier than moving to a new state or across the country but each move has its own hurdles and stressors. But there is hope, every transition can be made easier with a little planning and preparation.

Tips for a Smooth Move

  •       Research, Plan and Prepare: Ignorance is not bliss especially when moving. It is important to research moving companies, neighborhood crime, and walking scores, as well as the electricity bill of the previous owner and if there is a need for pa powerswitch to find an electricity provider with better rates
  •       Hire Movers: Besides the emotional stress of packing memories or getting rid of things that you have become attached to packing and moving is one of the most stressful parts of moving. Make sure you shop around and look at reviews, so you can find the best bang for your buck.
  •       Organization is Key: Make sure to have everything packed and ready to be moved when the movers arrive. This will move things along more quickly and give you more time to either relax or get to unpacking and staring your new adventures. While packing can be a drag, it is also a good time to start fresh, bring out your Marie Kondo and let go of items that do not spark joy.
  •   A Permanent Vacation: Pretend you are going on vacation—but you are never coming back. What do you need immediately on hand to keep life going smoothly? Would you need one overnight bag or two to make it all work? If you have kids, make them do the same. If you can put them in a steady routine, there will be less hassle and worry that something was left out.
  •   Utilities: Before moving in you will need to set up utilities such as electricity or natural gas, water, trash pickup, internet, cable, etc. If you want to save a buck, It is important to shop and compare electricity providers and their rates so you are getting the best deal for your dollar
  •   Mailing, Utilities, Bills Oh My: Make sure to update your address with the post office as well as setting up a forwarding address for the meantime so no mail gets left behind. Let friends and family know of your address change as well as your address on your license. Another important task that you will need to take care of is updating your voter information. There are small things that can easily get forgotten while dealing with the bigger issues but they are still very important.

While there are countless moving tips, these tips should help you get over your first hurdle and set you up for success toward your new adventure.


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