New to Logistic Business? 4 Ways to Leverage Technology

The development in the Indian economy has boosted the prominence of logistics. It has become crucial for the country’s infrastructure development; the logistic business also paves the way for economic progress. Many new ventures are seen rising in the full-fledged logistic sector, where they offer various services from warehouse to transportation. As per the World Bank report of 2018, India ranks at no. 44 on the LPI Index. Although the rankings have improved over the past few years, it still requires an exceptional technology-driven infrastructure for seamless transitions in the supply chain. Some startups venturing into the sector are leveraging various technologies like GPS based location tracker, IoT platforms, and similar, there is still a need for traditional players to opt the same.

While the technology is readily available for everyone’s use, who wants to take its advantage, there is a lack of information about the relevant tech. Robots, drones, and IoT driven warehouse platforms make everything easy inside, while there are advanced devices like location trackers that make the entire process easy outside the warehouse. It can be deployed by a logistic business of any scale.

If you are also starting in this space, you can look into following technologies that are beneficial for this sector:

  • Advanced Location Tracker

Where automation helps on the inside for management, a location tracker takes care of logistics outside the warehouse. Advanced location trackers like KENT CamEye facilitate the requirement of managing logistics on the road by offering various features such as geo-fencing, AI-based alerts, and live-tracking. As the device also comes with a dual-camera feature, it helps monitor your vehicle carrying deliverables inside-out. Such features help ensure safety, increase efficiency and performance of the vehicle while reducing maintenance. The location tracker also facilitates cloud storage, which you can access from anywhere across the globe.

An advanced location tracker is essential for new logistic business as it helps provide security and regular live updates on the location of the deliverables. It is necessary to gain a customer base in this rising market.

  • Automation

Forklifts have been an imperative part of warehouse management across the globe, which were earlier driven manually. The recent rise in automation technology has led to an increase in the demand for robot-driven forklifts. Automated systems can drive various other processes like inventory management. Fast adoption of this technology can lead your logistic business towards seamless procedures and greater heights.

  • Artificial Technology

AI can improve any business in this technology-driven era. It helps decision making with data based on the trends, business models, and networks, and can increase customer experience for a new business. Implementing AI solutions like transportation management systems, mobile apps, security devices like location trackers, can improve overall business efficiency.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is a publicly dispersed decentralized channel where you can run your new business without any friction from external agencies. It is set to transform every sector globally, benefitting logistic business the most. With no mediator involved, it provides a perfect opportunity for new logistic enterprises to explore the market and set their customer base. Although it still has a long way for its global acceptance, notable businesses are leveraging blockchain to gain the most out of its processes and learn about it along the way.

Invest in Right Tech to Grow Your Logistic Business

Even though many promising technologies suit modern logistic businesses or the ones who are new in the market, it is crucial to select the right technology to grow. An advanced location tracker is an apt choice for a budding business in this field as others still have time to gain prominence. High-tech has not gone too far in the logistics sector for seamless processes. Therefore, along with opting for a technology that handles the inside operations of a business, it is also imperative to have equal control on the outside. A location tracker like KENT CamEye suits such demands perfectly. It offers various features that can help your new logistic business grow and gain prominence among customers.

Investing in the right tech is crucial for your new business to thrive.

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