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What is the essence of converting your mp3 audio files to WAV? WAV audio format is a lossless format, unlike lossy mp3 file format that exhibits data loss as a tradeoff for the small size. Technology is advancing, so are the sound engineering techniques and innovations, giving rise to the contemporary necessity to satisfy the world with good music. That is what has contributed greatly to the development of different audio file formats. The most popular audio file formats you can choose from among the long list of options available are .wav, .mp3 and .wma. If you have the lossy mp3 audio file and you would like to improve its quality, try an online mp3 to wav converter for PC and enjoy the quality and lossless sounds.

Today, advancing technology allows music engineers to record music using several techniques with mixers and acoustic studios. When recording music or listening to music as a gig, go for the WAV audio file formats to enjoy rich and ultra-high quality music.  And there are online mp3 to WAV converters for PC that you can convert your music on the go without hoarding. You simply upload mp3 files onto the browser and convert unlimited mp3 music to the WAV file format.

Before we dive into the popular audio file formats you can use for the majority of your devices at home, let’s leap the popular free online audio file converters:

Evano Wav Converter File

It is a pretty easy-to-use online audio converter best suited for mp3 to WAV audio file conversion. Open your browser tab and type in the search box FreeConvert and choose the relevant link that displays. You select the button to load the original mp3 file into the program on the online converter. Click convert and download when converting status changes to complete.


Evano is an online mp3 to wav converter for PC with a pretty simple user interface. You can use this online app to convert your mp3 audio files to WAV to improve sound quality.

Mp3 to WAV Converter

It is a free mp3 audio converter that you can quickly convert mp3 files to WAV. This converter can convert from mp3 to WAV, WAV to mp3, WAV to mp3, m4A to WAV, and mp4 to WAV.

Follow the following steps to convert your mp3 audio files to WAV file format.

  1. To get started with mp3 to WAV converter online, select your mp3 file on your computer you wish to convert; you can also upload via the link to your dropbox or storage file.
  2. Click “convert” after uploading your mp3 file and wait until the conversion status is complete.
  3. Finally, download your .wav files individually or in a batch.

Online Audio Converter for your music project

Online Audio Converter for your sound is a free online app that converts files for you, and it doesn’t require installation to your PC. It supports many audio file formats, and the conversion process is quick. It works with over three hundred different formats i.e. .wav, .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, .flac,  mp2, and more, example of these online audio converters are; Ontiva Youtube to wav converter and Evano Video and Audio editor.

Online audio converter allows you to extract even an audio track from a video; it is fundamental to retrieve audio from a movie from a piece of video music.  It has some advanced settings for you to configure bitrate, quality, number of channels, and frequency. You can apply reverse play, fade in or remove a voice from an audio track.

This online audio converter supports tagging, and you can change the artist’s name, the year performed, and the genre. Is it safe to convert audio files using an online audio converter? Yes, files are deleted some two hours after you are done working on them; besides, no one can access uploaded or converted audio except you, the owner.

It works well on all types of browsers faster, secure, and for free. Nothing is more amazing than how this online app can convert audio simultaneously in a batch and save them in the ZIP to fast-track downloads.

Those are a few converters that made it to my list but believe me, and there are dozens of other audio file converters that you can use either online or as an application program.

Mp3 Vs. WAV audio file format

Mp3 was specifically developed for easy transmission over the internet because of its high quality and fast transmission. Mp3 is the most popular and widely used audio format, and virtually any device can play or have in-built capabilities to play. It can work on all types of operating systems, including Mac OS. It uses a lossy compression algorithm that discards some aspects of music data without compromising music quality while achieving files that take up less space.

WAV format is the oldest file converter co-created by Microsoft. This audio file format records its raw form data without compression, even though it supports lossy compression. Many media players can play or modify .wav files. The WAV audio file quality is as close to the original when played on a piece of high-tech music equipment.

In conclusion

WAV files are lengthy and heavy because they keep chunks of digital data, but the quality is good, hence recommended for a piece of music professional. It contains all the information in the sound. Over the years, disk space has never become an issue as storage devices continue to decline in cost, increasing portability and storage capacity on handheld devices, unlike in the past. Even the CDs we used to know to contain mp3 files, today it contains .wav audio files.  WAV audio file format has its advantages and disadvantages, while the Mp3 format has its own perks and flipsides. If you prefer quality oversize and storage area, .wav is a better option. And if you are keen on saving yourself some disk space for other crucial things, mp3 file formats pack everything for you.

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