Passionate about Audiobooks? Here are 4 tips to save money on your monthly subscription

How good is it to hear a story when someone narrates it? Anyone who has ever used Audible is probably familiar with the fantastic feeling of being transported to another world by a narrator’s voice. That’s what happens when one listens to audio books. Audible is a platform that, through subscription, gives its users access to millions of books that, rather than being read, can be listened to. The idea has been very successful in recent years, but many people still decide not to subscribe because of the high price of the membership. However, there are a few tricks that can be applied to save money with Audible. Very few people know about them, but they can actually be an effective solution for many users who love this application. Here are the most important ones:

1. 30 Days Free Trial

The first important suggestion is to test the app before buying it. In fact, it is possible to benefit from a one-month trial with Audible to see whether the customer actually likes this service or not. This promotion is sponsored a lot by Audible, because the idea is to attract as many new clients as possible. Obviously, there is no limit to the number of e-mail addresses a user can create to continue using the free version indefinitely, but the risk is that he or she will end up with a large number of identical spam e-mails. So, in order to continue using Audible once the free trial is over, there are other secrets to consider. Read on to find out more!

2. Audible promo codes

There are periods of the year, usually during special promotions or Black Friday, when it is possible to find an available Audible promo code. This can guarantee a discount on the price of the subscription or a free trial of several months. These discount codes are not always available during the year, so it is important to check regularly and particularly during these shopping events, to grab them as soon as they come out.

3. Take Advantage Of Amazon Prime

This tip is especially aimed at Amazon Prime subscribers, who can benefit from an extra discount for Audible. If the customer already has a Prime account, then he or she will automatically be able to save money on his or her Audible subscription for a whole year. Regardless of whether or not the customer has already enjoyed the trial period, the price of this service would be around 8 pounds per month for the first year of membership.

4. Make Audible Want You

It sounds strange to say, but make Audible want you! How? It’s pretty simple: pretend to unsubscribe. As soon as you start the unsubscribe process, Audible will show you a series of extra promotions and discounts to entice you to stay. This takes just a few minutes and unlocks a lot of audiobooks at lower personalised prices.

5. Pause Your Subscription When You Are Busy

Audible offers the opportunity to put the subscription into standby mode. So, when you don’t have much time to use this application, you can suspend the membership and then reactivate it whenever you want. This way, your Audible subscription can last for more than a month, since you only use it when you want to and, at the same time, you can catch up on the time you haven’t used the app.

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