Reasons to Use an ELO Boost on a Regular Basis

ELO Boosting is a common term that everyone who plays competitive games must have heard now and then. Boosting can be used for several other reasons apart from just mindless boosting of ELO. If a player who is just not good enough at the game gets his account boosted to very high ranks, he will ruin the game for others. But when used properly, Boosting can be a beneficial thing that everyone should try. Some of the primary reasons you should go for boosting are listed below.

Experience the unexplored

If you ever got a feeling of what it would feel like to play at higher ELO. Then you can indeed consider getting an ELO boost as doing so will help you explore the brackets in which you have never played. And will help you test your might in high ELO brackets and see if you can keep up with the players there. Also, experiencing higher ELOs to know if you can hold your own is an entertaining way of testing your abilities.

Prevent demotion

There are a few games out there that demote your rank if you remain inactive for a certain period such as League of Legends. And as we all know, not everyone can keep playing games without any break. There can be many reasons that can result in you getting inactive, such as work or school. You might even have to go on a vocation or might face other technical issues. During these times, the last thing you would like to happen to you is to get demoted. That is one reason you should use lol boosting as doing so will prevent you from getting demoted. You can even schedule a playing time for the booster to complete your order as fast as possible.

Break losing streaks

Everyone has had those days in their life when the luck is not on your side, and whenever you queue up for a game, you cannot seem to win. Everything seems like it’s going against you, whether it be your teammates or smurfs on the enemy side. And you embark on a losing streak and cannot seem to win. During these times, you can count on a Boosting service to let you out of your misery and lead you to your former glory. They can make sure that you don’t lose your rank.

Recover MMR/ELO

Unlike losing MMR, which is an effortless task to achieve, recovering it can be quite the opposite. If you lose your MMR due to any reason and fall into the lower bracket, it can take you weeks to come back to your actual rank. If your luck is terrible, then in lower ranks, you might never get back up, because playing in these brackets can sometimes be a nightmare as you cannot 1v9 every game. So, it is best to get an MMR boost at that time to regain your lost MMR.

Spectate high ELO players

Playing competitive games can be a different experience for everyone with different skill set. The more time you have spent, the better you will be at the game. Watching high ELO players play can be a mesmerizing feeling as they utilize their hero to the fullest; it can be joyous to watch them play. Similarly, you can learn a lot by watching high ELO players. To spectate high ELO players to see how they manage to carry in your ELO be a huge confidence boost for you and motivate you to get better.

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