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Back Market is the first marketplace that gives consumers access to thousands of electrical and electronic products (smartphones, laptops, washing machines) refurbished by certified professionals; the quality is the same, the products are cheaper and buying refurbished means helping to reduce electronic waste.

Back markets emerged as it became increasingly understand that a lot of money could be made for relatively low investment. The growth of the usage of mobile allowed like-minded individuals to find each other and connect more easily. We are providing easier access to tools and weapons, as well as to more targets to make a better connection with each other.


The iPhone XR has extravagant qualities anyone would desire to have:

  • It is Fully unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice.
  • It has no headphones or a SIM card. It includes a charger and charging cable that may be generic.
  • It has successfully passed a full diagnostic test that certifies like-new functionality and elimination of any prior-user personal information.
  • It is guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.


The dream of the future of smartphones is iPhone X.

The first-class, high-end handset features a stunning 5.8-inch Super Retina display that offers outstanding picture quality when you’re watching your favorite TV show, the latest hit movie or streaming video on YouTube.

Also, with its edge-to-edge with ‘notch’ design, you’ll get to enjoy the entire screen and you won’t be unfocused by an unattractive bezel.

These iPhone X units come in gray and silver color. Moreover, they are also unlocked, which agrees to users to go for any network provider among Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.



the 1000 people who refurbish on the platform are certified professionals and they are systematically checked and assisted by Back Market according to our quality charter.

Warranty and retraction period: each product on the platform comes with 36 months’ warranty and 14 days of retraction.


The refurbished phone’s display is always changed and their casing is specially designed to attract the customers. After putting one side by side with a new phone, it is guaranteed that there will be no difference.


Due to its quality control process, Apple automatically replaces old batteries with new ones Even every Apple-refurbished iPhone comes with a 12 month AppleCare. Honored at every single Apple Store.


We sell our collection in original Apple packaging. We don’t copy from others. It is always better than any gift packaging. The name of the collection is “From Apple, With Love”.


payment in several installments is possible.


  1. Since its creation, Back Market has avoided the production of 1,700 tons of electronic waste and 72 megatons of raw materials.
  1. It has planted 100 000 trees.


Apple-certified refurbished iPhones are now presented by means of a third party. This is a big indication that after Apple’s recent quarterly report, it’s not business as usual in Cupertino. Also, Apple is starting to work a lot harder to move product.

Many clients buy refurbished phones to get recent technology at a discount. Apple’s refurbished program serves one of the finest guarantees in the industry. You’ll get a product that is just as good as new, with a new battery, all broken parts will be fixed, a new display and case will complete the desire of the customer. All the accessories or brand-new devices are available with full warranty and support.


All the features will be accessed off the device that has been tested on the product file. They are verified and/or repaired by the employees who refurbish. Click on the “chat” if you want to ask a question on the website.


The back market can be more profitable than the illegal drug trade. Links to more direct end-users.

The worldwide distribution is accomplished electronically. Therefore, the requirements are negligible. This is because a majority of players, goods, and services are online-based and can be opened, connected, or controlled slightly, instantaneously. They only need an email or download, or a username and password to a locked site. This allows for greater profitability.

Back markets operate the same ways traditional markets do.


It is like an everyday mission, challenging and thrilling. We’re looking for smart people who can help us create new solutions to make progress for ourselves.

We are truthfully agreed with the fact that the world wants more companies like us. We’re not only trying to show the world that today, the other ways of consumption are imaginable but we’re also fighting against planned uselessness by giving second life to electronics and decreasing waste. We are working hard for creative work and follow our dreams, building solutions to make one of the greenest marketplaces that makes progress.

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