Revolution Sliders for Shopify VS Other Sliders

Revolution Sliders for Shopify VS Other Sliders

Slider, what does it mean? A technical meaning in a web designing language would be “a slideshow which is part of a web page”.

Now the question is, why do we use it? Well, these days any presentation which you have whether it’s on a professional portfolio website or a business website, the content needs to be interactive and visually appealing, and for that you need, yes you guessed it. A slider.

Out of many image sliders available, we present to you 5 Best reviewed image sliders including the most sought out Revolution slider for Shopify.

Without any further ado, let’s begin.


Multiple Image Slider – Enormapps.

A web community known as Lookbook is a perfect means where lots of folks share their own styles or make their own pictures.  Now you must be wondering why am I talking about lookbook, here’s the thing, Multiple Image Slider can be a crucial asset in making lookbook, along with many other things like logo, images, carousel, hero sliders.

This unique app has the capability of portraying images in a slide layout of a lookbook, which no doubt is appealing to the people/customers.

Furthermore, these sliders can be inserted on any blog, page or collection.

  • Special Features.
  • You can create the hero image slider.
  • Customize the lookbook to make it more attractive.
  • Can choose images from your gallery, while keeping the pages of lookbook separate.


Banner Slider –  Secomapp.

 With this app, you have the power to upload, display and customize multiple sliders (more than 40).

Having said that, don`t presume that it is difficult to manage, cause it’s not. Courtesy of back-end management assistance you can easily create, edit and discard sliders as well as banners.

Moreover, this app permits you to configure SEO, as far as admins are concerned they can create as many sliders as they want and preview them.

  • Special Features.
  • It offers multiple sliders and previews them before showing them.
  • Improves SEO, including optimization of the loading page.
  • Creating, editing and removing sliders and banners is relatively easy, including customizing, uploading and displaying sliders.


Revolution Slider – Smartdatasoft.

 Widely considered as of the most highly effective app of Smart Datasoft Shopify applications, the good thing about it is, this app has no need for codes for installation purposes.

One of the perks of revolution slider is that it will allow you to post social content with the help of sliders from platforms like youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Each of these basic sliders, as well as carousels, can be edited at will, which means you can customize these sliders beautifully and with relative ease.

You can have custom made content from social media. Meanwhile, the app not only permits you to create simple pictures and videos but also longer sliders.

Drag and Drop tool which is supported by this app further enhances the images.

There is no scarcity of sliders at all, which is in itself quite impressive.

  • Special Features.
  • Easy editing of sliders, has a WYSIWYG editor which increases the effectiveness.
  • Can customize videos on blur, and the content on social media.


Master Slider –  Hulk

In a bid to attract potential customers and provide assistance to e-commerce entrepreneurs, Hulkapps designed Master sliders with such stunning sliders.

Along with 5 pre-designed templates, you can also create and customize your own banners to go with your style and with the style and psychology of your customers.

Most importantly use of a Master slider would be advantageous for your SEO rank.

You can also manage start and end dates for your slides which will no doubt help you with the promotion, effectively compelling your customers to hurry up with the purchase.

  • Special Features.
  • Drop and Drag tool eases the customization of sliders.
  • You can add bullets, titles, links, controls, and others.
  • Timeframe for your sliders.
  • No technical or coding skills required.


Multiple Page Responsive Slider –  Zestard Tech Pvt Ltd.

The name itself is pretty much self-explanatory as it allows you to make different sliders/photo albums on different web pages.

As a result, your customers will instantly have crucial information like the company’s bio, products, and services offered, etc from a single page.

When it comes to having a favorite design for a particular theme, you can use more than a single slider.  If a slider of your choice isn’t available in the existing ones, then you can include a new one, one which suits your theme more intimately.

Due to its responsiveness, even with mobiles and tablets, it is quite easy to search and filter items and categories on the web.

  • Special Features.
  • Multiple sliders can be used on a single page.
  • Possible to opt for multiple design for sliders.
  • Easy to search and filter out items.
  • Sliders can be placed virtually anywhere on the page.
  • Can create different sliders on various web pages.



Based on features, reputation and reviews we were able to compile this list, having said that, it is recommended that you should give it a try to all of them.

I mean, you never know what you might end up loving in the end.

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