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Most people know about the size of the forex financial market which is highly regarded as the largest financial market in terms of the daily trading volume. Traders have been investing in the forex market for multiple decades, usually relying on manual trading to earn massive profits. You will also come across several RoFx reviews from happy traders about how they made profits.

However, things have changed understandably ever since automated trading software was introduced. Trading software such as Expert Advisors and Forex robots have allowed even the most novice of traders to capitalize on certain trading opportunities in the market, which have further contributed to their rising popularity among users.

One such name that consistently features when listing the reliable forex robots is ROFX. Established back in 2009, ROFX is one of the few EAs that have consistently delivered results around the globe for users.  It describes itself as a self-learning Expert Advisor which operates using the “neural network”. They have repeatedly claimed to put an increasing priority on providing transparency as well as on the security of their trader’s funds.

Getting Started with ROFX

One of the first things that are quite obvious when using ROFX is its user-friendly nature. Traders can open an account for free if they visit the official website. After logging in they are redirected towards the packages available. As ROFX is an EA that caters to different types of traders, there are a number of payment options available. As a rule, the bigger the deposit, the fewer performance fees are required. There are several packages available at ROFX such as Trial, Moneymaker, Easy start, Gold, VIP, and VIP PAMM.

Salient features of ROFX

ROFX presents a user-friendly interface, along with a hand full of features that make the EA profitable.

  • Easy Initiation: Getting started with ROFX is pretty easy. It allows amateur trainers to start their trading journey with a short –term investment first before they move on to bigger investments.
  • Daily Profit: ROFX allows traders to take away profits on a daily basis.
  • Minimizing risk: ROFX labels itself as a “no loss forex robot”. It offers a stop-loss system to combat any unnecessary losses that the traders may experience.
  • Return of Funds: ROFX users can recover their deposited funds at any time they want.
  • No Leverage: ROFX does not allow the use of leverage while trading.
  • Fund Security Guarantee: The reserve fund of ROFX is regularly checked, verified, and amended to ensure that deposit security is guaranteed.
  • 24/7 Support system: ROFX provides a responsive customer service team that works around the clock. It offers live chat services as well and the team is capable of answering any customer queries or issues.

Advantages of using ROFX

ROFX is an Expert Advisor that is catered towards almost all types of different traders. There are various advantages that ROFX provides, some of which are mentioned in brief below.

  • Trading Strategy: The trading strategy used by this EA is formulated by a team of expert forex traders and investors. It is a proven trading strategy that delivers far greater profits than what is possible in manual trading. Traders can thus concentrate on this method of trading rather than their usual “trial and error” approach.
  • Beginner-friendly: Many novice traders can get confused by the complicated settings and procedures of using EAs. However, with ROFX, beginner level traders can easily get acquainted with a market environment.
  • Minimizing the need for human intervention: Manual trading involves a degree of skills and trading comprehension that few traders can gather over a small period of time. It also requires the undivided attention of traders during the whole trading session. This is because traders cannot leave their stations once an active trading session is in progress. Another big factor that can influence trading is the presence of human emotions while trading. Many traders have missed out on profitable trading opportunities because of fear, greed, etc. By using ROFX, traders can prevent the influence of these human emotions. This makes it easier to follow a rational trading plan which does not come under pressure no matter what the circumstances.
  • Transparency: ROFX has time and again mentioned that they believe in providing a high degree of transparency. They show this by providing verified results on authoritative sites, as well as their user-friendly policies and practices. This is extremely important at an age where scams are common.

Trading Records on myfxbook

There are plenty of Expert Advisors available in the market. While some of them certainly deliver what they promise, others are often labeled as scams or are simply not good enough. A good way to verify these claims is to check for hosted accounts on websites such as myfxbook or fxblue. ROFX has done exactly that.


As indicated in the screenshot above, ROFX’s myfxbook account shows that it has achieved a profit of 464.43% with the total amount standing at $46042706.00. The current balance of the account is $56042706. The top panel shows us information about this particular account, including the name of the broker used, “Ester”. The bottom left tab on the other hand indicates that this account has been regularly verified and updated by myfxbook.

A key thing to notice here is the low drawdown level of this account, which is at 0.35%. Low drawdown percentages are always a welcome statistic for an EA, as it indicates that the strategy in use is very low risk in nature. All other aspects of this particular myfxbook account seem normal and reliable.


Expert Advisors are certainly an innovation that has helped many novice traders around the world, although not all of being that lucky. It ultimately depends on which EA the trader chooses. After looking at all of the considerations and advantages that this EA provides, it can be said that ROFX is definitely one EA that should be in every forex trader’s wish list. Apart from that, the verified myfxbook account was definitely something worth appreciating, as it clears a lot of doubts. Thus it comes as no surprise when ROFX is featured consistently in the top most popular forex EA lists available on the internet.

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