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How To Sell Digital Products With PayPal And WordPress

sell digital products with paypal wordpress

Ways To Sell Digital Products With PayPal And WordPress will be described Are you trying to sell your digital goods in this article. online quickly and easily? Digital products, such as PDFs, images, videos, and eBooks, are still quite popular with online shoppers. Additionally, the fact that while being intangible, these products are still in high demand shows online store owners that offering digital goods for sale is essential in today’s market.

How To Sell Digital Products With PayPal And WordPress

In this article, you can know about How To Sell Digital Products With PayPal And WordPress here are the details below;

This essay will demonstrate how to use PayPal to sell digital goods, how to integrate it with your WordPress website, and how to make unheard-of amounts of money.

How to sell digital products (with or without WordPress)

How to sell digital products

Comparing digital products to tangible ones that you can have in your hands, you’ll find that they’re much simpler to sell, inventory, and distribute. In fact, it’s one of the factors that encourages online store operators to become digital. Not to add, selling digital goods is quite economical.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to set up and market your digital goods using Sellfy, a straightforward eCommerce platform that can be used with or without WordPress.

But keep in mind that Sellfy is useful for selling more than only electronic goods like ebooks. Additionally, you can market subscriptions, actual goods, and print-on-demand merchandise.

Step 1: Sign up for Sellfy

Creating a Sellfy account should be your first priority. Fortunately, you don’t need to submit a credit card to sign up for a 14-day free trial (win! ), so getting started is simple.

You only need to provide your email, password, and the name of your store to register. Click Create my store after that.

open a sellfy account

After doing so, you will be required to give certain personal information, such as:

  • what your profession or sector is
  • How you want to market your goods
  • Information about your estimated audience size for your digital store on Sellfy
  • The method by which you intend to sell with Sellfy is a crucial consideration. You have two choices here:
  • Build a website with Sellfy.
  • on my website, embed

Because each person is unique, this is significant. Some people already have a WordPress website and would like to be able to incorporate their online store there and make sales from it. Others won’t have any other option for selling their digital goods than Sellfy. Also check Business Podcasts

We’ll begin by using Sellfy to build a website for this example. After making all of your selections, you’ll be asked to begin your 14-day free trial.

Step 2: Add your first product

Add your first product

  • Adding your first digital product is the next step. To accomplish this, click Add product.
  • Dashboard for Sellfy: Add your product
  • When you do, various choices will appear:
  • eBooks, music, video, software, and other digital products are available.
  • Teaser versions of your premium products that you give away for free to clients.
  • T-shirts, books, works of art, goods, and other shippable physical objects.
  • Online courses, workshops, and annual software licenses are available via subscription.
  • Custom products like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more are available through print-on-demand.
  • The choice is Digital Product.
  • This is where you upload the digital item, give it a name, and write a description.
  • First digital product customized
  • You can add a product preview image, set the price, specify the product’s inventory status, and add variants if you continue to scroll down.
  • first digital product customization.2
  • Click Save product once you’ve finished customizing your product.

You’ll see that you may start sharing your product on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter as soon as you save it. Additionally, if you already have a WordPress website, you will be able to effortlessly insert the “Buy Now” button embed code wherever you choose.

product sharing and a buy button

Step 3: Customize your Sellfy store

The time has come to set up your Sellfy store now that you have a ready-to-sell digital product. Go to the Sellfy dashboard and select Store Settings as one method of doing this.

Dashboard for Sellfy – Store Preferences

You can adjust a lot of things in this section:

Configure your shop’s settings to display related products, add a custom domain, select the currency, add a support email, and allow customers to view translated versions of your store. Define the T&Cs and the opt-in for the newsletter as well.

Embed Options – You may add an embed code for a Buy Now button, a product card, or a store view anywhere, including your WordPress website.

Product Categories – Create categories to help customers navigate your online store.

Customize the email you send to consumers after they complete a purchase in your online store.

To ensure that your clients always receive the most correct pricing, enable and establish tax settings.

You can alter the general appearance of your Sellfy shop by clicking the Customization link under the Store Settings. For individuals who depend on the Sellfy platform to sell their digital goods, this is ideal.

Store preferences – personalization

Be aware that your digital goods will be visible to everyone in your Sellfy shop’s frontend.

Step 4: Enable payments on your digital shop

The next step is to activate the checkout so that payments may be made through your Sellfy store.

Dashboard for Sellfy: Enable checkout

You’ll be taken to the Sellfy payment settings when you click Enable payments. You have two choices here:

  • Connect to Stripe and accept credit cards
  • You can add a personal or business PayPal email.
  • You can also configure the payment options for subscription products. Simply type in the accurate data and click Save.

Remember that Sellfy does not handle the payment processing on your behalf. Instead, the money from a customer’s purchase in your store is transferred directly to your Stripe or PayPal account and handled as necessary. Also check How To Make Money On YouTube

Settings for product payments

Step 5: Deliver digital Products to Customers

The best part about Sellfy is that it’s simple and quick to send digital products to clients when they pay. Not to mention, you also receive these additional fantastic features:

  • Sell an endless number of goods
  • Obtain limitless bandwidth
  • 10GB of support files per product

Last but not least, thanks to SSL encryption, download restrictions, and even PDF stamping, you can be sure that your items are extremely safe.

Step 6: Integrate Sellfy with WordPress

The methods listed above show how to use the Sellfy platform to build a fantastic digital store. Sellfy, on the other hand, makes it simple to monetize your WordPress website by selling digital goods if you’re the proud owner of one.

You can integrate Sellfy with WordPress by embedding:

Add a single “Buy Now” button to your website to sell a single item. Add more “Buy Now” buttons to increase the number of things you sell. Make your buttons unique and include as many as you like on your website.

Products – Include a whole product on your website, complete with a description and photographs. ‘Buy Now’ button will also be included. Customize the item in Sellfy so that it displays exactly how you want it to on your website. This is another way to sell digital products with paypal wordpress.

Retail View – Add the whole contents of your Sellfy store to your WordPress site. You can alternatively link a custom domain to your Sellfy store if you don’t want to do this.

Excellent techniques to promote the sale of digital goods

Setting up a digital store and hoping customers to buy your products is insufficient. Some of the finest techniques to promote digital sales are listed below:

By installing one of these landing page plugins, you may turn your website into a specialized sales page.

Great ways to encourage digital product sales

Great ways to encourage digital product sales

Combine similar products that are discounted for customers and nonetheless bring in more revenue for you than a single item.

Utilize one of these email marketing software products or services to increase your email list size.

Participate on social media and engage with both past and present customers.

Final thoughts

There you have it, then! utilizing Sellfy is among the greatest and simplest ways to sell digital goods.

Sellfy has you covered whether you want to use their platform or sell digital goods through WordPress and PayPal. Building and personalizing your digital business is a simple process because to its user-friendly interface.

Additionally, you’ll be making more money than you ever dreamed – and without putting in a lot of work – because to built-in features like infinite products and bandwidth, download restrictions and stamps, and the option to embed your products wherever your clients are.

Finally, read our thorough Sellfy review if you’re interested in learning more.

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