Shot Blasting- What it is and how it works!

What is Shot Blasting?

The method of cleaning, polishing, and strengthening metal is known as Shot Blasting. The method of Shot Blasting is usually confused with Sand-blasting and though they might sound similar, they are not alike. While Shot Blasting Machine uses centrifugal force from a mechanical device to treat the product, the latter uses compressed air and an abrasive media to get the job done.

How does Shot Blasting work?

Shot Blasting is used to remove impurities on a surface and help strengthen the material and polish it. Shot Blasting is usually used for surface protection and has it’s application in various industries including construction, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, and more. Shot Blasting is well suited for denser materials which require deep abrasive penetration.

Types of Shot Blasting

There are two types of technologies under Shot Blasting:

  • Air operated Shot Blasting– This type of shot blasting uses the mechanism of pneumatic propulsion to clean the surface and polish it. There are a wide range of Air operated Shot Blasting machines.
  • Airless Shot Blasting (Wheel blasting)– Airless Shot Blasting or otherwise known as Wheel Blasting uses centrifugal force to convert motor energy to kinetic abrasive energy. Airless Shot Blasting uses Wheel blasting machines and usually finds its application in areas where big parts of machine require work.

Blast room Screw Conveyor

(Air operated Shot Blasting machine)

Blast room Screw Conveyor

This type of Air operated Shot Blasting machine comprises a blast room where the operator has to manually carry out the blasting operation. The screw conveyor unit aids in the transfer of used abrasive material to cross screw conveyor. The material is then transferred to a bucket elevator which divides the media into reusable abrasive and abrasive wherein, the former is sent to a Portable Abrasive blast machine and the latter is transferred to a blast nozzle.

Rotatory Hanger Cum Table Machine

(Airless Shot Blasting machine)

Rotatory Hanger Cum Table Machine

This state-of-the-art Airless Shot Blasting machine combines two applications in a single machine, thus making it a highly efficient machine. This machine can be utilised for two types- one for hangable components and other, for non-hangable components that require a rotating table. The machine comprises two strong blast wheel stations and a detachable hanger in the middle of the rotating table. An effective abrasive recovery and cleaning system gets the job done efficiently. The machine also comes equipped with a dust collection system.

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