How to Activate Showtime Anytime?


This post will explain showanytime/activate. Showtime Anytime is CBS’s segment. It grows under Showtime premium satellite & cable television network. It allows the users to delight in several hours of home entertainment through motion pictures, stand-up comedy, TV shows and lots of other entertainment programs.

How to Activate Showtime Anytime?

In this article, you can know about showanytime/activate here are the details below;

This service can be availed in a broad range of software applications and hardwares. Nevertheless, it requires to be activated by hand. Here are the methods to activate this service on particular gadgets:



This service is offered on Amazon fire TELEVISION, Chromecast, Apple TELEVISION, LG TVs, Xbox One, LG TVs, Roku, Android TELEVISION, Samsung smart TELEVISION and others. Here are the measures to it in your electric gadgets:

1. It is very essential that your cable or satellite channel provider ought to have the license to showcase Showtime Anytime services.
2. Second of all, you will need to have a subscription to activate Showtime Anytime services in addition to the cable or satellite services you have availed.
3. Together with the subscription you’ll also need to have actually an account registered in Showtime Anytime before you activate the account on your gadget.
Get in the ‘Showtime Anytime Website’ to make an account of yours by going to ‘Create brand-new account’, choose your cable supplier from the fall. If your cable service provider is not gotten in the fall you won’t get an access to make an account. Also check apps to watch movies with friends.

Activating Showtime Anytime Online:

If you are searching for the best method of triggering this service, you can do it through the app itself. It is the fastest method to triggering your account.
1. Showtime Anytime Activate link for an Apk method:


2. Showtime Anytime Activate section for an iOS:

Activating the account on a mobile is the same as that on a computer. However it’s convenient to access your account on a phone than your PC. Following is the treatment for the same.
1. Open the Showtime Anytime Application on your phone.
2. Choose any of the video you want to enjoy.
3. Click ‘Play’.
4. A dialogue box will open requiring you to sign in to your report.
5. After which you will get a code for activation.
6. Open your web browser on your computer and go to the subsequent showtime activate link:
7. Using the preceding link, Log into your account.
8. If there is a progress information on your screen, it suggests you have actually triggered your account effectively.

Activating Showtime Anytime on Apple TV:.

Since each gadget has a various shows, the procedure to activate this service also differs for each device. So, if you wish to avail the programmes on Apple TV you need to follow the listed below steps:.
– 1. Tune into the Showtime Anytime way on your Apple TV.
– 2. Because channel hover on the screen and select the video you wish to see and pick ‘Play’ or ‘Activate’.
– 3. Choose the cable supplier from the drop-down options.
– 4. Take a note of the activation code assessing the screen.
– 5. Open an internet browser on your PC and open the official website of Showtime.
– 6. All at once follow the steps.
– 7. Visit to your account.
– 8. Utilize the log in details of your cable company and use the activation code provided to you in the past.
– 9. The moment you see a success message assessing your screen.
– 10. Then, go to the main security of the Apple TV and begin viewing your preferred programs on Showtime Anytime.

Activating Showtime Anytime on Android TV:.


On discussing Android TV, it includes all the TV models like Sony, Nvidia, Nexus, Philips and Razer. Below are the actions to activate it on Android TV:.
– 1. Tune into the Showtime Anytime channel on your APK TELEVISION.
– 2. Pick the video you want to see and pick ‘Play’ or ‘Activate’.
– 3. Pick your satellite supplier from the employed options.
– 4. Note down the activation code that will assess the screen.
– 5. Open the main site of Showtime through your PC.
– 6. Go to the page where you can activate your account.
– 7. Follow the steps for triggering the account.
– 8. You need to activate the gadget on the ‘Activate Devices’ page.
– 9. If the success message reflects on your security your account is activated.

Activating Showtime Anytime on Roku:.

Roku is 1 of the other mediums to obtain Showtime Anytime. Below are the actions to activate it:.
– 1. Turn on Roku and tune into the Showtime Channel.
– 2. Go to menu and choose the Activate choice.
– 3. Select the cable television service provider or satellite service provider, from the fall. As pointed out previously, if you don’t see your provided on the list you’ll not have the ability to activate the services.
– 4. Note down the activation code.
– 5. Open the its main site on your computer.
– 6. Follow together with the guidelines provided.
– 7. After which you’ll have to activate your project on the ‘Activate Device’ page and log in with companies account.
– 8. In the end get in the activation code on Roku.

Activating Showtime Anytime on XBox One:.

Listed below discussed are the steps to be followed to activate Showtime Anytime services on XBox One.
– 1. Switch on your XBox one.
– 2. Enter into the Showtime Anytime channel.
– 3. Go to menu and pick the choice ‘Activate’ or ‘Play’.
– 4. There will be a list of service providers who are eligible for this service. Look for your supplier and select.
– 5. Note down the activation code.
– 6. Open the main site of the Showtime on your PC.
– 7. Go to the Activation web page & play along the offered actions.
– 8. Activate your device by continuing to the ‘Activate Device’ page, & log in using the service provider’s account information.
– 9. If you see a success message then you can browse through the services and enjoy your favourite programme.


I hope this was a helpful article. Please keep in mind that the Showtime Anytime is readily available in the US. So, Indian users can not access it unless they have a VPN which can be set with US IP address. Please jot down your experience listed below in the comments area. Let me know if you have some other methods to activate Showtime Anytime. I would like to hear it from you! Also check filmlinks4u.


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