The 6 Types of Friends You Need In Your Life

Finding friends, you can lean on at any time of the day without feeling shy are the type of friends you need or so they say. Aside from family, you know for sure that the kind of people you can count on when you feel empty is your friends. The good side of having friends is the fact that you can choose the set of friends you want to have in your life. They are the second family that you wish to have. You probably know for sure how important it is to find friends who you can share the same passion and interests.

Friends are important because they will remind you of every success and mistakes you’ve gone through together. The best thing to do is to keep the ones that accept the real you without compromising the person you want to be in the future. You can be in your best shape as a person if you know what type of friends you will need in your life.

If you’re still wondering what type of friends you need in your life, let us help you ran down the different purposes of the six types of friends we have listed below. Let’s a look if you already have one of you still need to find one!

  1. The Supportive Friend

Life is not easy. You may experience more pain than happiness along the way. So you must have a friend that will cheer you up to do better. If you have a friend that encourages you to stand up every time you fall, you’re lucky. You don’t have to rent a cheerleading team then. One friend that will make you feel better about yourself will motivate you more to be the best version of you.

This type of friend will always see the potential in you that you try to hide because you are shy or afraid. The best thing about having a supportive friend is that they will not make you feel ashamed of doing the things you can do regardless of the result. They are the first person to clap their hands if you succeed and the first person to lend a hand to help get back up again and try when you fail in life.

  1. The Health Conscious Friend

Normally, we get lazy when it comes to working out or being picky about what we eat. However, if you have a health-conscious friend, you have someone who will inspire you to do better when it comes to exercising and eating healthy foods. Remember that you will always have a connection with a friend. And if this friend is into working out, it will not be hard to do the things together. It is good that you’re exercising together with the person that you’re comfortable with.

If you love to stay at home, your health-conscious friend will help you get out of your house. He or she can engage you to work out routine while catching up on the things that happened in your life. This friend can even share with you the list of healthy lifestyle he is exhibiting as of the moment. You may never know what you are naturally doing the goals he has for himself because you’re doing the same thing together.

  1. The Brutally Honest Friend

The truth will set you free. That has been a famous line that we often hear around. We should not be afraid to hear the truth. So, you must have a brutally honest friend in your life who can give you the harsh truth without second thoughts. For example, we all have experienced falling in love with someone we find so special in our lives. However, if that person keeps hurting us, and we keep on forgiving them because we love them, there must be something wrong. We will not find out the wrong within ourselves because love can blind us. Only a brutally honest friend can tell you how stupid you are upon saving the emotionally abusive relationship.

This type of friend is usually the one that will say, “Stop it. Enough. Don’t be dumb.” This type of friend knows that you deserve better. She will not tolerate what you are doing because she knows it is no longer beneficial for you. This type of friend is hard to find because they are absolutely real and genuine. If you already find one, hold on to that person in your tough moments.

  1. The Mentor Type of Friend

The mentor type of friend is the type of friend that feels like a guidance counselor or a mother rolled into one. She will always have something to advise to you to whatever situations you are in. This friend is smart and admirable in life; that’s why you listen to her. She’s inspirable that makes you feel good about yourself, whether you fail or succeed in life.

The mentor type of friend will not tell you to copy what she’s doing in her life but will push you to do what you love best. Even though this person has a better lifestyle than you because she learns how to handle situations, she can still patiently guide you to your right path. Often, this is the friend that sends you good morning phrases every day to simply remind you of how beautiful is the day ahead of you.

  1. The Messy or Crazy Friend

You need to have a crazy friend in your life. It is completely the counterpoint of a mentor type of friend. This friend will often text you late at night to ask for help with her project or with any mess she has done that needs an immediate solution. She loves to break the rules and will make you realize the importance of living life to the fullest. She knows the consequences, but she loves to try them because she believes that she only has one life to live.

She inspires you to take risks in life, to be spontaneous, and adventurous too. And you are her friend that will say cute words for her to make her feel the support with whatever craziness she’s ready to take on. This is the type of friend that you will always worry about will make the whole get together lively and energized.

  1. The Work Pal

You will be working for a job for the rest of your life. So, to make everything lightweight at work, you must have a friend that you can talk with during break times. Don’t be isolated when you’re in the office. Always make sure that the world is revolving, and you’ll be more depressed if you don’t make friends at work.

This type of work pal is the friend that you can share your work frustrations with. Of course, your other friends will not know what’s happening inside your work station, so having a friend that knows the level of stress inside your office is very important.


Life is hard enough for you to live it alone. You need your support group to make you feel loved and appreciated. So, it is vital that you at least one of each type of friend we have mentioned above. You can now start finding the roles that are missing in your circle of friends and fill in that space to make your life happy and more enjoyable!

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