The Best Messaging Apps You Can Use Today!

Leaving s128 aside, we will today talk about the best messaging applications that are also secure enough to make your conversations safer. You must be thinking that why do we need to hook up with third-party applications to use them instead of the default messaging applications on your phones. Well, it is true that conventional messaging apps do not need any alternates at least till when you want to use them as messaging applications for internet chatting as well.

Here we have gathered here the list of the topmost messaging applications that you can use as your default applications and chat online too!

WhatsApp Messenger!

The WhatsApp messenger is the first on our list of the top messaging apps available online. WhatsApp messenger is the project of Facebook and is powered by it. WhatsApp messenger is one of the most rated applications for online messaging. If you want to chat in groups, then you can also do so with the help of creating a group chat option in WhatsApp. You can add as many people as you want in a WhatsApp group and can have fun chatting with your family and friends.

You can also make a video call with the help of the messenger, WhatsApp has launched the feature of group video calling, and you can add up to four people in a group video chat for now. It is expected that WhatsApp will increase the numbers by the next update!

The Facebook Messenger

The second messenger in our list is Facebooks conventional messenger that you can use to have chats and other stuff. The most interesting feature of the Facebook messenger is that it can become you default messaging app as well and at the same time, you can also receive online messages from the same person under the same chat box.

You can also make video calls with the help of this messenger. You can also add filters while making a video call on Facebook messenger too. This is one of the most important messaging tools, but if we compare it with WhatsApp, you will see that WhatsApp has a more user-friendly interface.

Snap Chat, Messenger!

The snap chat is one of the most underrated applications that can be used for online communication service. If you want to chat in style and with amazing emoticons, then snap chat is the best tool for you. You can also send your pictures with messages on snap chats along with the default filters it has.

If you still are in search of other messaging applications, then you must try using hangouts messenger. To change the messaging app, you can easily do so with the help of the settings option in your phone from where you can easily mark the default application. You can also give us your feedback about the best application for chatting and video calling. If you have a problem with the default interface of your messaging app, then you can easily change it with the help of themes!

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