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Technology is a part of our everyday lives and is consistently changing and advancing as the years go by. From smartphones to computers, to Alex and Siri, we rely on technological and innovative advances like never before. It is not just devices that are changing, thanks to technology, roofing technologies are advancing for the construction industry offering more durable and better products that will help save money and time, reduce the impact on the environment and make our lives a lot easier. Your roof is the first defense of your home. It keeps out all elements and is ultimately responsible for maintaining the environment inside any structure. Elegant roofs enhance the look and feel of your home, and these great new ideas have led to the creation of many great new technology innovations to make your roof look even more aesthetically pleasing and even more so change the quality completely. The roofing industry has a very high demand in terms of roofing projects. Creating new roofing technology is inevitable for efficient installation and ease of work. Here is our guide to the latest roofing technology.

Using Mobile Applications 

Mobile phone devices are very prevalent and are used frequently in our daily lives. It is one device we use and depend on for our communication and getting information quickly. For a group of workers on the go like a roofing team, mobile applications are inevitable. It is extremely helpful when it comes to doing paperwork and other smaller tasks that are necessary for a roofing contractor. Instead of having to physically visit a roofing project, deal with filling out paperwork in the evenings, or creating estimates for contract jobs, mobile apps allow roofers to do this job effectively on the go. The apps can be used for many services, these include:

  • Share videos and pictures of a building across the company
  • Measure the roof and building remotely
  • Send estimates to contract clients
  • Generate leads with mobile application
  • Create and share reports with employees
  • You can find every client contact information via the app to contact them directly
  • The app will allow you to create invoices and send them to clients

These apps are very useful and affordable. It is essential that you compete effectively with the latest technology. Mobile apps are the ideal time saving software. There are various apps available for the construction industry to avail of.

Using Drones 

The use of drones is the latest technology and is becoming increasingly popular and commonly used in the construction industry. For most people drones were used for inspecting a building but now this technology is used to analyze and check all roofing projects thoroughly. The high-resolution drones can be used with an app for taking measurements of the roof remotely, used for mapping, and taking high quality aerial pictures. The images you take with the drone can create a website and all your marketing using 4K aerial before and after images of your completed projects. These images can be used to showcase your work and help build your brand and generate more leads. The images can also be shared on social media platforms and via email.

Even when starting a new project with a client, these images can be assessed to see if they would like similar work completed on their home. Drone technology is very economical. The drones can be programmed to automatically take pictures and send it to your system online. The automation is very reliable and time saving. Drones can also keep workers safe. The drones can be used to take measurements instead of the roofer climbing on the roof themselves leading to fewer injuries and accidents.

New and Innovative Roofing Types 

Storm damage and energy are leading the charge when it comes to new trends and advancements in commercial roof types. There is an ever-rising focus on incorporating sustainable energy into the renovation and building of roofs. It is very common now to have PV or solar panels installed onto a roof.

  • Cool Roofing 

One of the latest trends in the roofing industry is cool roofing. It is a relatively new technique. Cool roofs are mainly used in hotter climates. Cool roofs keep the heat out of a building due to high solar reflectance. Cool roofs are made with materials that reflect and absorb ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths from the sun, therefore, reducing the heat that transfers into the building. It has the ability to radiate non-reflected or absorbed solar energy. These roofs are usually light in colour or white. The typical black colour can significantly raise the temperature of the building on its own. Bright coloured roofs will reflect more electromagnetic energy than darker coloured roofs. Cool roofs are manufactured with certain elasticity, so as they absorb high levels of heat, they will expand without any damages caused to the roof’s original size.

This technique can be applied to many types of roofing materials, designs, and colours to not only enhance curb appeal but suit the style you want. Cool roofs will reduce the emissions of excess heat and reduce pollutions to the environment.

  • Green Roofing (eco-friendly)

Green roofs are more aesthetically pleasing than your traditional styled roof. They serve a similar purpose but in a different way. Green roofs are also referred to as living roofs or vegetated roofs. They are an eco-friendly roof made up of a root barrier, multiple layers of soil, a waterproofing layer, a growing medium for plants, and a drainage system. Green roofing has many benefits, these include:

  • Green roofs provide high levels of insulation and shade to save a lot of energy usage, very similar to cool roofs.
  • They can absorb rainwater which would normally make its way through the most paved/cement streets of urban areas.
  • This type of roofing is more durable and long lasting than conventional roofs. They are expected to last twice as long.

It can be more expensive to install a green roof however, it will be cost effective and save you money in the long term. Your home property bills will be significantly lower due to its insulation properties and they also require very little maintenance. Being inside your home will be a lot more comfortable.

  • Solar Shingles and Solar panels 

Solar power is on the rise in popularity and has continuously expressed the desire for more options. Technology has developed and solar options have become more prevalent in homes. They are affordable, durable, and attractive. Modern solar panels look very striking and stylish and are a great energy-saving option. Solar-friendly roofs are equipped with shingles or solar tiles. Solar shingles now blend in with your roof and deliver enough energy to become a vital backup power source for your residential or commercial building. There are many different brands available, and they differ slightly in sizes, styles, and aesthetic look overall.

The roofing industry will always have its roots in precision and old-world craftsmanship overseen by professional roofers. However, technology is evolving, and we need to adapt to the latest technology to compete with competitors. The future of the roofing industry is looking bright with new technology and new innovations coming to light all the time. The best roofing companies will take charge and use the latest technology on trend today.

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