The New Uncle’s Guide: Six Gift Ideas for a First Nephew

Being an uncle is like being a second parent. It comes with some responsibilities, but mostly a lot of perquisites. Apart from seeing your nephew grow up, you get to be the fun mentor who participates in the fun jobs. And when the birthdays and holidays arrive, you will have a chance to appreciate your nephew with a unique gift. In this article, we will highlight six perfect gift ideas for a first nephew, starting from boys pyjamas all the way to a dump-and-go truck.

Boys Pyjamas

Boys pyjamas are the perfect gift for your first nephew who sleeps like a rock every night. You can get him a soft, colourfully patterned pair to ensure he is always warm and cuddled up. Ensure the pyjamas are tight and snug so that they can keep your nephew warmed up all night long.

Personalized Onesies

Personalized gifts are probably the most thoughtful ones to give someone close to you. You can get your first nephew a personalized onesie crafted with a heartfelt or witty message. Something like “Uncle John (or your name) is the best” or “You are my favourite nephew.” You can choose the colours, sizes and styles befitting for your nephew.

Name Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to improve a child’s cognitive and hand and eye coordination skills. If your first nephew bears a unique name, you can get him a puzzle for his name. You might be surprised how quickly he will learn to put his name together. Apart from educating him, name puzzles will help keep him entertained in those moments when everyone is busy.

Baby Hand and Footprint Frame

What gift is more wonderful than that which your nephew can glance at when he grows up? If his parents are okay with it, you can get a print of his adorable hands and toes and frame it. This gift will definitely go to the collection of keepsakes. Your nephew will enjoy looking at how tiny his hands and toes were once he comes of age.

Non-slip Baby Socks

This gift will be perfect for when your nephew reaches the walking and crawling stage. You can get him a set of non-slip baby socks to provide warmth and protect him as he learns to stand and walk. With this gift, you will have plenty of colours, sizes and designs to select. You can also personalize the socks with a heartfelt message at the top or bottom.

Drop-and-Go Truck

There is going to come a time when your nephew will be fascinated by wheels. And when that time comes, he will be glad that you got him a drop and go truck. Believe it or not, this toy truck can help your nephew develop his motor skills. He will learn to reach, pull, bend and balance as he drives the drop-and-go truck from one point to the next.

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