These men’s jeans are perfect for that unique rugged look


For many, achieving the perfect rugged look means switching up your wardrobe entirely. That cannot be far from the truth. You can achieve a simple rugged look with a pair of men’s jeans and a few other basic pieces in your wardrobe. Every man has a couple of pairs of jeans in his wardrobe but not every type of jean will give you that handsome rugged look. So what kind of men’s jeans work best for this look? We are here to spill the beans!

A simple pair of blue men’s jeans might make you look suave and stylish but it won’t make you look adventurous. For the perfect rugged look, you need jeans that are a bit different from the conventional jeans. These jeans usually come in dark colours and are extremely sturdy and functional. A man on the road does not have time to buy a new pair of jeans every other month after all.

Jeans were first designed for working-class men as they needed clothes that were sturdy and durable. So it only makes sense that men’s jeans are perfect for the rugged gentleman who’s living life on his own terms albeit dangerous terms at times. Here are a few pairs of men’s denim that complete a rugged outfit. All these pieces are from Turmswear, a clothing brand that combines fashion with functionality. With Turmswear, you can buy men’s jeans online with no hassle! Let’s check out some rugged men’s jeans from their collection!


The Gustave is for the man who wants to buy a pair of rugged jeans but is partial to the colour blue. Turmswear has managed to make this light blue men’s jeans look dapper and rugged thanks to the small details. The dark blue detailing on the jeans looks very natural and offers a rough look. The best part about the jeans is the stain-repellent and anti-odour features.


The Discoverer X is perfect for the man who is adventurous and isn’t shy of showing it. This pair of dark-wash men’s jeans has slashed detailing along the thighs which are done very tastefully.  The super-stretch feature also ensures utmost comfort when you are exploring the world. The jeans also come with stain-repellent and anti-odour feature which makes it highly functional.


The Creator comes to your aid when you want a simple pair of jeans that adds an edge to your outfit without being obvious about it. This pair of grey men’s jeans can be perfectly paired with plaid shirts and tee-shirts with heavy detailing. Pair it with a pair of boots and you are good to go!

These men’s jeans are our top picks not only for the fashion factor but also because they are highly durable and come with features that make for easy maintenance. Head to Turmswear to check out their amazing collection now!

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