This Giant Android Tablet is GE’s Smart Kitchen Command Center

A lot of people nowadays are talking about making their kitchen smarter than before. They show a lot of interest in products and appliances which can transform their kitchen and make it hugely sophisticated and more efficient. While there are several gadgets that can help you transform your kitchen into such a great place, like the some best rotimatic roti makers, but one device has really snatched our attention recently. It is the GE Kitchen Hub – a digital 27 inches Android touchscreen hub which will cost you about $1000. This Android device has already received huge popularity and today we will review it.

Detailed Review – GE Kitchen Hub

In this segment we will discuss about the features and different aspects of the GE Kitchen Hub and offer you an in-depth insight of the device. Make sure to read all the points –

Design – the Kitchen Hub has an over-the-range microwave design and has a premium feel to it. The device is available in four different colors – stainless steel, black stainless, matte white and matte black. The 27 inches touchscreen is fixed up-front along with the two HD cameras. There is also a front facing camera that can capture videos and pictures of the people in the kitchen. There are 3 LED light bars which lights up the device and offers a magnificent view when used. The overall build quality is really sturdy and is worth the price GE is asking for, at least in terms of design and urban style of the appliance. looking for rotimatic reviews check this.

Smart Features – the GE Kitchen Hub comes with a wide range of features and that is why a lot of people might want to pay the price the brand is asking for this innovation. Take a look –

  • Guided cooking app – the hub has a lot of recipes pre-installed which allows the device to guide you when you are cooking any one of those recipes.
  • U+ Connect Smart Home App – you can control the different aspects of your kitchen with the U+ connect feature if you have other Haier products or some other compatible device in the area.
  • Entertainment – you can stream music, videos, tv shows from online platforms like Netflix, Spotify and various other websites. So you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows and music while cooking in your kitchen from now!
  • Google Assistant – use your voice to control different other products and the GE hub itself with the help of Google Assistant. Get to know any quick fact, news and various other information just by saying “OK Google”! It’s that simple.


Cooking with cameras – the most exciting prospect of this device is the use of cameras to cook your food. When you put your food inside the machine, the cameras turn on automatically and detect the container. Then you will be able to view what’s happening inside on the 27 inches screen right up front. You can capture images and videos of the whole cooking process as well. Not only on the inside, but you can also capture pictures and start a video call with your friends right from your kitchen with the front camera.

Guided Recipes – GE has collaborated with Flavory to provide a wide range of guided recipes to the users. From now the device will be able to cook certain food automatically without your help. The recipes are pre-installed and you will only need to prepare and put it inside the oven. The sensors detect the food and starts cooking it once you select the recipe you need. Guided cooking recipes are one of the biggest selling point of this smart device. Meanwhile, take a look at the Rotimatic Rotimaker which makes the perfect round roti’s and parathas whenever you need them without any mess!

Pros and Cons –

Here is a list of the pros and cons –

Pros –

  • Sleek and premium design
  • Comes with Android support
  • Offers wide range of guided recipes
  • You can capture photos and videos
  • Stream music and tv shows easily


Cons –

  • Pretty much on the expensive side
  • Voice commands are limited
  • Guided recipes can be tricky


Final Verdict – the GE Kitchen Hub is undoubtedly a very smart device which can really transform the way you cook your food. It will surely make your kitchen a more sophisticated and efficient place to be in. The ability to stream music, tv shows and movies allows you to keep yourself entertained while cooking for long hours. The integrated system might not be the most effective but they are useful for sure. The premium feel and build of rotimatic rotimaker quality make it a perfect smart gadget for a lot of people. But the price tag will not be really attractive to a lot of people and the concept of Guided Cooking is still new and will take some time for the people to get used to.

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