Tips for choosing office furniture for efficient and comfortable work

The office is the place where we spent the third part of our daily time, therefore, its atmosphere has a direct influence on our productivity. According to the research, work performance can be increased by 19% if the workplace offers an engaging atmosphere. The organization of work surroundings motivates employees and sets the proper mood for performance.

The “furniture question” has often been dismissed, as it’s just one of the tools to use when organizing the workspace – if there’s a desk and a chair, the work can be done. However, that’s a fundamental mistake, and we could experience it during the pandemic times when the standard ‘desk-chair’ set didn’t stimulate work productivity.

The furniture creates the right atmosphere, creates the tone of your company, and sets the corporate culture; it’s part and parcel of the company’s image. Therefore, choosing the right one is crucial.

When setting up the corporate look and comfort it’s important to consider some fundamental points of the selection:

1.   Listing

The visual planning of the space starts with creating a list of all the necessary stuff. It will help to provide the personalization and ergonomics of the space and to avoid clutter.

The efficient listing can be done with the help of the employees, considering their specific needs – the accountant, the architect, and the designer will have a different vision of the necessary items – some need a better surface for the artwork, some require cabinets for storing sensitive documents and data.

2.   Manufacturer

When all the listing is done and necessities are determined, it’s time to check for the best provider of the goods in terms of price and quality. When choosing the manufacturer to work with, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Reviews – that’s something we can’t make do without nowadays. Among all advantages of the web space, one of the biggest is immediate access to information. All the pros and cons of the manufacturer’s work get straight to public viewing. Thus, any mistake can cost the clients. Check for companies with flawless reputations, as it will give you peace of mind with further cooperation.
  • Greenness – make sure the company doesn’t use illegal sources of materials and check for their certificates and credentials presented on their website. There is no place for the items that were created by harming the environment and presenting a danger to the user.
  • Price policies – compare the prices of various manufacturers, and check for the discounts offered for big orders.
  • Warranty and return policies – since you are the one who pays for the service, you need to make sure your purchase is protected from transporting damage, or faulty installation. The vendors offer short- and long-term warranties, and the choice is obvious. If the warranty reaches only a few months after the installation, it may be a sign of poor quality.

3.   Location

With the types of furniture and the manufacturer chosen, it’s important to plan how everything will be organized within the offered space. Surely, every employee has a different vision of the best ‘fitting’ however, the space can’t be stretched. It can be a good idea to plan the positioning with the manufacturer presenter, as they can help with the professional look of the placement strategy.

4.   Style

The style of the furniture must correspond with the voice of the company and its image, as will just instill the feeling of corporate unity. The Offispace offers numerous solutions regarding the question, giving you a chance to create a workspace that reflects your company’s values.

5.   Quality

Quality is a must, and it’s an indisputable matter. Office furniture is highly usable, every desk seems to be a command-like center, which helps you to manage the daily workflow. The durability of the surfaces is crucial for uninterrupted work. Shaky and wobbly items will become the center of annoyance and distraction, making it impossible to perform the job.

6.   Color scheme

The color of the surrounding has a direct influence on the way people perform at work, their mood, and their creativity. The choice can vary depending on the place: meeting rooms, conference hall, workspace, kitchen – all the rooms have a different purpose, and thus, the color usage may also be different. However, it’s important to keep within one color group, and, if necessary, add some decorating elements.

Provided there’s a possibility to choose the coloring according to the department, it will work the best – accountants will barely benefit from bright furniture, as well as the creative group will hardly be satisfied with the pastel color group.

Organization of the workspace has a direct impact on the productivity of your team – it creates the necessary atmosphere and a desire to work. Numerous workers claim that the reason to work in the office is a “comfortable chair”, or “convenience of everything”. The comfort created within your workspace is half the battle in terms of employees’ motivation, and it can be reached by proper and considerate planning.

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