Tips For Choosing The Right LMS

Tips For Choosing The Right LMS

In need of a new LMS but not finding the right tool? Switching to a new LMS is no child’s play. It is like finding the right pair of shoes – everything has to be perfect. The multiple options available in the market make it even more challenging to choose one.

Given that there are so many options available, the basic answer is to buy an LMS from the best LMS vendors. They’ll provide you with genuine products for your needs but will also provide support when necessary. That being said, let us look at some of the factors to consider while buying a new LMS.


  • Define Goals – The initial step is to define your goals and objectives that you want to tick off from your learning management system. These can be training your own employees or providing information to customers/public. It is similar to buying a new laptop – you’ll need to know what you expect from your computer – whether it is for official work, gaming, video editing, graphic designing, etc.


You’ll need to understand what you and your organisation need from your LMS before you opt for any LMS.


  • Look For ML Based Products – An excellent ML-based LMS can learn from the users’ learning pattern, identify gaps and suggest new content accordingly. The tool will learn from the data and user behaviour and then work towards improving the user experience. In short, the tool should also learn and progress as the learner moves forward.



  • Go For A Mobile-First LMS – In 2019, learning has become more dynamic, and learners prefer learning on their smartphones than laptops or desktops. All you need is an internet connection and a multimedia device and Boom – all the information rests in your hands.


Choose an LMS that’s built on the mobile-first approach. What’s mobile-first? Mobile-first approach is the way any software or application is designed first for the mobile and then for the desktop, for smoother user experience. Thus, making training even more engaging and fun.


  • Video Embedding – It is 2019, and the benefits of video-based learning cannot be ignored. Your LMS should keep up with the market trends by adding a fun element to learning in the form of videos. It is also seen that learners tend to retain better when they learn by watching. In simple words, video content cannot be ignored.



  • Ask Your Employees – In most cases, your employees will be interacting with the LMS. It makes sense to ask them before coming to a final decision. Consider the views of every employee (if possible) and then make up your mind.



  • Read Reviews – Reviews are posted by users like us. These reviews give a clear picture of the pros of the LMS and the cons. You’ll also get to know the scenarios for which the LMS is best suited for and where it lacks the desired output. In short, reviews will give you a clear picture and help you to come to a final decision.



  • Consider Your Budget – No one knows your pocket better than you. Consider how much you wish to invest and then shortlist.



  • Customer Support – This is something that most LMS buyers tend to forget. Think of it like buying a new mobile phone. You expect support from the company in case anything is not working correctly. Similarly, when purchasing an LMS, you’ll expect support from the vendor if you get stuck or if something is not working properly. Also, the solution should be quick so that it does not impact your business.



Buying a new LMS can be a daunting task if you do not know where to start. Keep these tips in mind, and they will surely help you make an informed decision.

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