Tips to Help You Book a Top-Notch Galveston Cruise Port Transfer

Going on a cruise can be both relaxing and fun. Not only do you get to spend enjoy a luxurious cruise ship but you will also have ample time for yourself. But how do you ensure a reliable cruise transfer Galveston? How can you know that it is going to be comfortable? To help you nail the best cruise transportation Houston to Galveston, we have compiled a list of tips for you. Read on to learn more. 

Go with a Reliable Company

Although many companies can try to promise you the best price, not all of them can be trusted to provide complete quality service or offer consistently reliable service. And when it comes to cruise transportation from Houston to Galveston, you don’t want to take any chance as you could end up stranded in a far-off country. When you miss your flight or cruise, you are going to pay a lot more to rebook it. It’s better to pay an extra few more dollars and be sure of a reputable company.

At Black Car Service Houston, we provide some of the best professional car services to exceed your expectations. With many years of experience in the industry, we can advise you on the best vehicle for your luggage and guarantee you flawless cruise transfers.

Book via the website of the company 

When you book online or via an email, your records will be preserved and you have documented evidence of the details as well as the confirmation process.

This will ensure that your cruise transfer details help you to remember everything about it. Also, the company you have booked with will have records on their end. 

Black Car Service Houston has skillful and professionally trained drivers to ensure seamless cruise transportation from Houston to Galveston. With high-end cars like Mercedes Sprinter Vans and sedans, you are guaranteed of the best experience ever.

Avoid Booking by Phone

While booking via phone is quick and easy, it’s not one of the most reliable ways to reserve your cruise transfer. Firstly, it is easy to misplace the information provided over the phone. Another thing is that you may not be booked correctly by the guy on the other end. The worst bit is that you don’t have any records just in case of a mistake.

A mispronunciation, a misunderstanding, or a miscommunication can make your transfer to be provided inaccurately. And you won’t have a record to see where the error originated from.

Be upfront with your luggage information

When booking a private car for your carnival cruise transportation from Houston to Galveston, it’s important to provide luggage information to your Galveston car service provider to ensure you get a car that can fit your luggage.

For instance, 1-3 passengers can easily fit into a car for small parties. But if you will be bringing extra luggage, you may need to upgrade this to a minivan.

In the same way, if you travel in a group of 7-8 passengers which will ordinarily require a large van, you may require an extra car to fit in your luggage.

It’s extremely important to inform your cruise transfer provider about the size of your luggage as this guarantees you will be given the correct car size to fit your luggage or even a second vehicle if needed. Showing up on your cruise transfer with too much luggage not only has the potential to create unnecessary delays but is also sure to cost you more.

Doubly Check Your Pickup address to ensure it’s accurate and complete

Although it seems like a no-brainer, many people end up providing incorrect pickup address that can put a damper on their travels. Check doubly to be sure that you have provided a correct and complete address which even includes the building number.

Merely misspelling or missing a street can lead to a driver completely getting your location wrong. This can be nightmarish especially in a foreign country.

 Keep your provider informed about any changes to your travel itinerary

Things that might change include:

  • Flight number: your chauffeur service Houston uses this information to track your flight for any delays. It also helps them to know the Terminal Number at which to meet you.
  • Missed flights or connections: make sure you furnish your provider of any new flight arrival info.
  • Changes in hotel accommodation: this is especially important where hotel pickups are involved so that your driver knows which accommodation or hotel you should be picked up at.

Provide information about young children

It is recommended to make your rental car company aware of any child you will be traveling with. If they will need a booster seat, make sure your provider has this information so that they can give you one.

It’s a rule in Galveston that children are secured using age-appropriate seats inside when in moving vehicles. You cannot assume that you will travel safely with your baby on your lap inside a moving car.

If you are not planning to go with your child seat, make sure you ask for one from your provider. Failing to do this may lead to unnecessary delays as the driver waits to be given a child seat before starting the journey from Houston to Galveston.

Carry your Confirmation Voucher

You also need to carry other information like your booking details, the confirmed price, and the phone number of the transfer company among other things. In case you are unable to print it, make sure you are armed with a copy on your mobile device.

Your voucher or confirmation email has important info that may help you later. It is very important to have this information handy.

Check again to ensure all your reservation details are up to scratch and that there are no changes to potentially impact your transfer.


A smooth cruise transfer is vital for a great overall experience during your visit Galveston. This is why it is important to spend your time and choose a reliable Galveston transportation service. Black Car Service has earned a reputation for excellence and unmatched customer service. With a wide array of high-performance vehicles like SUVs, sedans, and black Cadillac, coupled with skillful drivers, we guarantee you safe and best-in-class transportation from Houston to Galveston cruise port. For more info, contact

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