Top 4 Ways to Secure Business Data And Avoid Revenue Loss

Studies show that over 29% of businesses that experience data breaches end up losing significant amounts of revenue. For this reason, safeguarding business data is a requisite for all enterprises. Many entrepreneurs are now adopting data-backup practices to secure their data. Luckily, there are various strategies for protecting your business data.

Here are ways to guard valuable business data:

  1. Run a full-service suite

Things like intrusion attempts, viruses, malware can compromise your valuable information. Install a firewall between the internet and your data to hinder intruders and threats from entering your network. Also, have antivirus and anti-spyware management systems to protect your systems. Scan your computer for viruses regularly, and be sure to get automatic updates.

  1. Use strong passwords

Strong passwords are essential for all businesses. They will secure your sensitive data and customer information. Avoid using simple passwords that contain personal information. These give hackers an easy time, making it possible for unauthorized persons to access your data. Use a keyword generator to create complex passwords and don’t write it down or share it with others. Moreover, install a firewall and update it often.

  1. Back up your business data

Backups ensure that your data stays put in case of a hack attack or data loss. Backup your data regularly and, if possible, save it in another place away from the business premises. Besides, disasters can happen anytime, and they can destroy your computers leading to loss of data. Examples of natural disasters are; power failure leading to damage to your devices, and floods leading to water damage of your data storage equipment.

Also, have an emergency plan of action in case of such occurrences or theft attacks to your business. It will help lessen the gravity of such disasters and will protect your business and the workers.

Some of the ways to backup your data are;

Hard disk imaging- Also referred to as cloning, is one of the best backup solutions for businesses and individual users. It saves all pieces of information saved on your hard drive if you need to restore your backup due to data loss. It’s also a quick and simple way of backing up your data.

Remote online backup– This method saves your data on a secure server away you’re your business. It’s an excellent way of protecting your information from natural disasters.

External storage- This backup solution is simple yet useful. It uses external devices to store data. These include; external hard drives and memory sticks,

  1. Train your workers

Update your employees on the security systems installed on your computers. If you have any password policy, discuss this with all of them. Also, ensure that all employees know the importance of safeguarding your business data and how to back it up. Only hire trustworthy persons and have all new workers sign a confidentiality agreement.

The bottom line

Safeguarding your business data can protect you from many threats. Losing business information, particularly client data, can have adverse effects on your business. If you haven’t put any measures in place to guard important business information, seek help from an expert and ensure that your data stays safe.

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