Top 5 Mangas Involving Casino Games and Gambling

The unique art style known as manga has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the Japanese comic books and graphics novels of the late 19th century. Today, it is recognized and admired by millions of readers worldwide. For instance, in France, manga represents around 40% of the entire comic book market.

It should come as no surprise then, that manga has made its way into the gambling world. Software developers have recognized the art style’s popularity and delivered a range of innovative and exciting new casino games. At the same time, the gambling world has made its way into manga, with some series being themed entirely around casinos.

Before we look at the top five mangas involving casino games and gambling, let’s explore some of the manga-themed casino games that you can play online.

The Best Manga Casino Games

Among all the fun of online activities at, some of their best offerings include the many great manga-themed slots that will have you win big in classic Japanese style. Below are some of your top choices to enjoy when you’re not catching up on the latest episode of your favorite manga series.

Koi Princess: This bright and colorful slot game from NetEnt is a perfect example of how to properly implement a unique theme. The 5-reel, 20-payline set is filled with Japanese artefact icons including Bonus dragons, Wild waves, and Koi Princess herself, who happens to be standing next to your slot as you play.

Matsuri: Feeling peckish? The delicious dumpling icons that spin along Matsuri’s whimsical 5-reel, 25-payline layout are sure to satisfy. This slot game transports you to a magical summer evening in Japan, with several bonus features to keep you awake in case you start feeling a little too relaxed.

Ghost in the Shell: Of course, there just had to be a slot based on arguably the most famous manga of them all. Fans of the original series will be pleasantly surprised by this game’s theme, which is unlike the more recent silver screen adaptation. Instead, you’ll find its 5-reel, 9-payline design to be true to the original characters and style.

In case these titles don’t keep you busy for long enough, there are many other exciting manga casino games to check out. This includes Fortune Girl, Demolition Squad, Moon Princess, Geisha Story, and Manga Punch. With that said, let’s turn the tables and look at the mangas with casino and gambling themes.


First told in the early 1990s, Akagi is the story of Shigeru Akagi and his battles with the Yakuza. But you won’t find any katanas or submachine guns here. Instead, the protagonist defeats the Japanese gangsters in the game of Mahjong, which has its roots in China and is now a popular casino game.

The Liar Game

Equal parts thrilling manga and an interesting look into human psychology, The Liar Game is about a schoolgirl who receives a strange parcel one day. Within it was $1 million in cash and a letter inviting her to The Liar Games, a tournament where players have to put their morals aside and lie to win, with each truth they tell adding to their debt.

The schoolgirl, Nao Kanzaki, eventually makes a deal with Shinichi Akiyama, a genius con artist who works with her to move through the game. But they don’t let the madness get to their heads and decide instead to break down the tournament and free its players from their debts.

Gamble Fish

You don’t need to look further than the title to know that this manga is all about chance. Gamble Fish tells the story of a 14-year old Tomu Shirsagi, who inherits the skills of his notorious trickster father. He then develops them in the Shishidou academy, at which time Shirsagi discovers his talents and uses them to expose the malevolent academy.


Often considered the original manga series themed around gambling, Kakegurui is about a private academy where wealthy children are forced to play a dangerous game. Within the Hyakkaou Private Academy, students place high-stakes bets against each other with shocking consequences for the losers.

Those who fail to contribute to the bets are put on Life Schedules, which involve spending your future career paying off what you owe. That is, until the main protagonist, Yumeko Jabami, enrolls in the academy and changes the students’ lives for the better.


Kaiji shares its name with the main character of the story, who is on a mission to get rid of his debt. He tries to do it by gambling with his neighbors, first ending up on a losing streak before honing his skills. Eventually, Kaiji discovers that he possesses unique gambling skills and goes on to win big.

With all of these casino-themed manga stories and manga-themed casino games, you’ll be set for endless hours of fun. Who knows, you might just develop some unique gambling skills of your own.

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