Top 5 Movies With Best Soundtracks


What are you most interested in watching a movie?

Referring to a blockbuster, not only the content, actors or techniques are concerned, the soundtrack also becomes a factor that makes a mark in the hearts of viewers.

That’s why the soundtrack nowadays is increasingly being carefully selected and invested. Among them, many songs have moved from the big screen to the top positions on the music charts, getting the audience’s love like the movie itself.

Let’s go through a roller coaster of emotions with these Top 5 best-soundtrack movies. is a recommended website to enjoy these movies in the best quality.

Titanic (1997)


Despite many years passing by, the aftertaste of Titanic has remained in the hearts of many generations. The film is about the love story of Rose and Jack. Jack is a poor, free-spirited young man, but he had a ticket to board a luxury ship, Titanic.

Rose came from the American upper class and was engaged to a man. She reluctantly married him. She met Jack on the Titanic and they fell in love despite a great distance between them.

Titanic was on its way to the US from the UK. However, the ship crashed into an iceberg. There were many people who could not escape and the romantic love of Jack and Rose had to be separated.

“My heart will go on” is the soundtrack of Titanic performed by famous diva Celine Dion. The song became one of the best-selling singles of all time. Even in 1998, My heart will go on is the best-selling song worldwide.

With a melodious lyrics, My heart will go on has made listeners sobbing. The song is also one of the factors that helped Titanic and Jack-Rose love story live to this day.

“My Heart Will Go On”- Titanic (1997)

The Prince Of Egypt (1998)


Thousand years ago in Egypt, Pharaoh Seti ordered all Jewish baby children to be thrown into the Nile for crocodiles to eat. Without being merciless to watch her son die, a young mother put her child in a basket on the Nile river, asking for help from God.

The basket drifted all the way to the Egyptian Palace. The child later grew up to become Prince Moses of Egypt, playing with his brother Rameses every day.

One day, when Moses discovered his identity as a Jew, Moses disappointedly ran away from the palace. But he was chosen by God to be the messenger with a mission to take the Jews to a new land where freedom and happiness reigned.

“When you believe” is the theme song of this animated film, co-performed by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Although the investment for the MV is not too picky and outstanding, the song still receives a warm welcome from the fans.

“When you believe” is described as a ballad-like song, with lyrics that are inspiring for listeners. The song is about the ability and the miracles that every human being can receive when putting faith in God.

“When You Believe”-The Prince Of Egypt (1998)

Skyfall (2012)


Skyfall is one of the most prominent spy films of 2012. The film content does not consist solely of the fight against crazy people who want to dominate the world, anti-government organizations, drug abusers, dangerous hostage rescues.

In addition, Skyfall deals with the internal struggles, the frustrations of Bond and the hidden things in the British Secret Service.

Adele is back with the soundtrack of the movie Skyfall with the music of the same name. The song has a quiet melody, a bit like the previous episodes, making the listener feel like a world of mysteries. Skyfall won Adele the Best Song award at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

Adele with Skyfall

The Hunger Games (2012)


The Hunger Game is set in the context of North America destroyed by natural disasters and wars, the whole area becomes a Panem with the Capitol and 13 districts.

Each year, 24 young people from 12 districts are selected to participate in a game of life and death that is reported to the whole country, of which only the bravest and the most cunning can live and win.

This is a fascinating work imbued with the philosophy of “the strong survive”. The film praises the desire to live, the love of young people. Critically acclaimed by film critics, The Hunger Game created a craze for North American movie theaters.

The soundtrack of The Hunger Game fascinated the world for a long time, Safe and Sound, by country music princess Taylor Swift. Taylor’s sweet, fragile voice with gentle Country melody brings a soft and deep feeling. Safe and Sound was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Song.

The music video for this song is played back and forth on TV channels. The image of Taylor Swift in a white dress walking alone in an isolated forest makes the fans almost crazy. Safe and Sound’s melody also fits well in the Hunger Games.

“Safe And Sound”-The Hunger Games (2012)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I (2011) 


The film opens with the scene when werewolf Jacob stripped to run into the forest in anger when receiving an invitation to attend the wedding of Bella – Edward.

After many trials and hardships in the previous episodes, the romance between the handsome vampire and the beautiful 18-year-old girl has ended well. The wedding takes place in the blessing of family and friends.

However, when Bella became pregnant, the baby was half human and half Vampire. Especially this pregnancy also endangers the life of Bella and the vampire family.

“A thousand years” by Christina Perri is the soundtrack of the film. The gentle yet equally melodious melody is played when the wedding between handsome vampire Edward Cullen and bride Bella Swan takes place. This is probably the most perfect song for the wedding in the film.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I (2011)

Final Thought

The soundtrack is a real witch, right? It sometimes helps to elevate the emotions of the audience to the climax of the thrilling movie scenes, sometimes making viewers seem to settle down with the romance and depth of the character.

We believe that with those 5 movies with best soundtrack, your life will become more colorful.

Thank you for reading!

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