Unsatisfied with New Laptop Performance: 5 Solution for You

Have you bought a new laptop recently? First of all, congratulations. But, if you are here, we can understand your problem. Your new laptop has failed to deliver its performance. You are looking for the best solutions available to increase the performance.

In this article, we shall discuss the solutions to increase the performance of your laptop. We are sure that these solutions will help to improve the performance of your laptop.

  1. Extend RAM:

Extension of the RAM of the laptop is a possible solution only if your laptop as an extra slot. Having an extra slot in your laptop along with the voltage needed for the extra RAM is important for verification.

If you are not sure if your laptop has an extra slot and you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, open the task manager. Go to the memory type present under the Performance section. You shall get the various details about the slots used of your RAM and the form factor.

Take proper care while extending the RAM as there should be no mismatch about the type.

  1. Change the normal Hard Disk with SSD:

Hard drives (HDD) tend to be noisy as well as wear out over-usage for a longer time. Made under similar lines as that of a disk writer, their power consumption can be high. They reduce the efficiency of your laptop. It is suggested to switch to SSD (Solid State Device), for experiencing the better performance. SSD is an assured form of memory since it is non-volatile. It uses flash memory to read and write data. If you are looking for excellent performance, wonderful efficiency and shock-resistant memory, don’t look any further than SSDs.

  1. Change Operating System:  

 Changing your operating system to a more compatible one can be a great way for increasing the speed of the laptop. Upgrading the operating system will enhance the performance of the laptop, yet make the OS remains compatible with the hardware. Changing to an OS that is not compatible with the hardware, would reduce the performance.

  1. Protect from Unwanted Malware:

 Having an anti-virus in your computer in its premium version is the best way to protect your laptop. Malware tends to reduce the performance of your laptop by slowing the performance. Having a premium version of anti-malware ensure most of the security features in your laptop, to secure it. Using the best anti-malware enhances the performance and security of the laptop. 

  1. Stop the Unnecessary Start-Up Programs:  

Are you also worried about the bunch of programs that start when you log in to your computer? It is time to delete the files which consume unnecessary power form the laptop. They create e power sinks, which eventually reduce the performance of the laptop.


You must try all the above remedies to improve the performance of your new laptop. If you are still dissatisfied with the performance, don’t hesitate to sell new laptop and get a better one with improved performance. Hurry up before the price of your new laptop depreciates further.

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