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Used Chevy Impala Parts

When you’re buying auto parts, it’s important to achieve a balance of quality, convenience and value. Fortunately, accomplishing this may be easier than you think. You have a wide range of options in auto parts brands and sources, so it’s vital to know what’s out there to get the best Chevy Impala auto parts at competitive prices. You may not have considered used parts before, but they can offer an ideal solution to keep your vehicle in great shape.

Used Vs New Know When To Buy Which

You may be surprised to learn that used Chevy Impala parts are readily available on the market. After all, you’ve probably always purchased new components. To be clear, certain types of parts should always be purchase brand new: for instance, consumables or items that wear out quickly. These usually include oil and air filters, brake pads, brake rotors, spark plugs and windshield wiper blades. However, many other kinds of parts can be safely purchased used:

  • Body parts
  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Mirrors
  • Hubcaps
  • Interior accessories

With certain components, it’s best to use your judgment when buying them used. Crucial parts such as alternators, radiators and transmissions should come with a rock-solid warranty if you purchase them secondhand.

Benefits of Used Parts

One key benefit of used parts is obvious: economy. They’re typically priced a fair amount lower than their new counterparts, so they can offer some needed savings when you’re trying to keep repair and maintenance costs affordable. They’re also ideal if you’re trying to restore a vehicle to original specs, especially a vintage automobile. This is key if you’re trying to preserve resale value. Not only that, used OEM components maintain the original look and feel of the vehicle. This is especially true with components seen with the naked eye: mirrors, headlights, body parts, steering wheels and so forth. If you plan to exhibit your pride and joy at auto shows, OE used parts can make the difference.

Keep in mind that you may see these parts labeled as “refurbished,” “remanufactured” or “reconditioned.” These terms all have slightly different meanings. Remanufactured parts have had worn or obsolete components replaced to bring them to original specs. Similarly, reconditioned components have also been tested, cleaned up and had replacements or repairs done before repackaging. Finally, refurbished parts are originally brand-new items returned to the seller and redistributed for sale after testing to verify that they function.

Rely on Trustworthy Dealers and Sources

When you’re upgrading, repairing or maintaining your Impala, you need sound sources for both information and components. Resources such as this Chevy Impala TBI repair guide can be invaluable when you’re studying your vehicle’s specs and internal workings. A reputable auto parts dealer can offer these guides plus a broad inventory of both new and used parts. Look for a retailer with exceptional customer service and clear return policies. Also, choose a store with experts on staff: the kind who can help you understand the symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor, the reasons why your “check engine” light is on and other important details on your vehicle.

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