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When we hear the word “casino” almost everyone is thinking about a physical place where you can sit down next to other people, flirt with the dealer and enjoy a crowded atmosphere. And for a certain period of time this will remain the main idea of a casino. But it really has to be this way? I mean does it worth it to prepare for hours just to be in a land-based casino or it would be easier just to join a casino even if you’re in pajamas and still being able to interact with others. Well, this is VR for you.

The evolving of online gambling

A few centuries ago it seemed impossible and irrelevant to play casino games on your phone because it’s not “real”. But with the evolution of technology, it became possible to enjoy the excitement of a casino game anywhere and anytime. You can access online casinos from your smartphones and laptops even when you have some spare time while you wait for the bus or for your next class. You just access anytime a website like Admiral Casino and you’re good to go. So if the idea of a VR casino seems irrelevant to you, then maybe you should think twice.

With slots, roulette, poker and blackjack games evolving into the online ambiance, you have the possibility to experience superb graphics, fast gameplay, appealing themes, etc. These are such things that you can’t see in a land-based casino, and some of us may like this more than to spend time in an uncomfortable suit in a closed area.


Live dealers

In addition, online casino games are gaining more and more acceptance. Since your game is managed by a real dealer the whole process is more human. This procedure is called a live dealer casino table. They are tuning the dealers’ activity into a live feed, so you don’t have to rely on an algorithm or AI. These live casino games are a proper step toward bringing the gambling experience of brick-and-mortar casinos to your screen, but it is not the only one.

VR Casinos – What is that and why it’s better?

The other option is the previously mentioned VR Casino. Virtual reality a.k.a. VR is a computer technology that operates a series of reality headsets to create realistic images, sounds, and various other sensations that ultimately simulate users’ physical experience in a virtual environment. This technology can reproduce real-life actions in a virtual ambiance.

If you’re a geek, just like me (and if you frequent this site you’re probably one of us) then you already asked the “ok, but how?” question. Well here are the gadgets that you will need to enter the world of the virtual casinos. All you need to access a Virtual Reality casino is a VR headset and a decent computer. A few years ago this was possible only in sci-fi movies, but today it’s an accessible technology for everyone.


It’s true that not even VR casinos are able to completely replace the feeling of actually being at a gambling venue but they are becoming better and better. They can’t reproduce the smell and the taste sense that you could experience in a real-life casino (yet), but everything else is just the same. For example, if you want to take a pause and just to chat with someone you can visit the bar to see who’s up for a talk. So if you’re a more introverted type of person you can train your social skills as well.

The next step?

There are now a number of virtual reality casinos that are easily accessible for all. Due to the ever-growing number of people who are spending their evenings playing casino games on their laptops and mobile devices, casino brands have been able to use modern technology in order to provide their players with the feel of a real-life casino inside their own homes. Casino comparison website Labslots have the details on casino brands who are currently offering their players a VR casino experience. Virtual Reality technology continues to improve user experience in a variety of industries.

I know that this is already a bit futuristic and there’s also space for improvement. But what do you think will be the next step in the online gambling industry? You can place your thoughts in the comment section. If we follow the ideas in the sci-fi movies I think the next big step is hologram technology? At the moment we don’t have the proper computing and projecting technology in the consumer climate. But maybe some smart guy is already working on such technology in his garage. All of this is just daydreaming but time will tell if I was right or not.

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