Why Is InVideo The Best Video Editing Software Compatible With Windows?

In an internet-driven world, videos have become the go-to media for people to consume quality content. Where the majority of content consumed is in the video format, it is of vital importance that your videos are no less than perfect. A horde of windows video editing software is present in the market that can make anyone a pro video maker. And all credits to the excellent combination of tools and simple user interfaces, one doesn’t need any special skills to start video editing.

So how to gauge which video editing software works best? The best way is to have an experience with a few of them and then find the one that fits you best. After testing a few video makers and their compatibility with major operating systems, we created one of the most excellent video making inventions ever.

InVideo is a modern, avant-garde, windows video editing software that lets you edit, create, and embellish your videos with a straightforward user interface. It is perfect for publishers, marketers, individuals as well as agencies to take their brand content strategy to the next level. It is also one of the best-rated video editors at Capterra and G2.

All you need to do is go to your app store and install InVideo on your laptop, and you’ve instantly got the means to splice together footage. After that, with a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can take your video making to a whole new level.

Why InVideo?

Here are some remarkable features of InVideo that have made it favourite of one and all.


InVideo editing software offers the best video quality as a Windows video editing software, keeping all the video graphic details intact. The features and the effects are at par with the advanced professional tools that require skill to master. It makes cutting, editing, and perfecting simple.

It lets you create videos that stand out. With dozens of fully customizable templates to choose from, it makes video editing for YouTube quick and straightforward. It also lets you make the best advertising videos for branding, without any external aid, allowing you to convey your messages quickly and professionally.

Competitive Pricing

Another remarkable benefit of the InVideo video maker is its pricing. It has extremely competitive pricing with all the features of expensive video editing tools. The pricing starts at $10.00 a month, per user. The premium version with an infinite number of features starts at $30 per month. It even comes with a free version and a trial period.

For people who do not wish to commit financially to movie making, InVideo offers perfect usability. You’ll be amazed at how well the software works with the Windows operating systems. An absolute best for beginners and unskilled people, InVideo is within the budget of most people.

Advanced Features

With 1500+ handcrafted templates for your videos, InVideo saves you a lot of bucks and time. It also comes with more than a million premium media collection from Storyblocks, Pexels, Pixabay, and Shutterstock. It lets you make videos in the language of your choice. With the automated-text to-speech feature, it makes your video even more fun and easy.

Ease of Use

Video making has become more prominent and accessible in today’s social media world. Influencers, organizations, individuals, everyone needs to make a video some or the other way. So what do people with little editing knowledge do? This is where InVideo comes to rescue. InVideo is by far the most comfortable and most effective video editing software for windows. Almost anyone can pick it up and create an awesome video in no time. It is effortless and can be used by any layman, no matter what their experience or budget is, or what kind of device they are using.


Compatibility becomes the central issue of major video editing software. The windows compatible software for video editing either come with high pricing or with very low-end features. InVideo is the best windows compatible video maker in the market.

InVideo software has support for almost all the major operating systems and devices. It is supported in all Macs, Saas, Cloud, Windows, Mobile – iOS and android native versions.


InVideo is an integrated video editor and maker that serves multiple purposes for you. Whether you want to edit your YouTube videos or make an invitation for your birthday party, it lets you do everything in no time.

It has hundreds of templates for you to accomplish your marketing objectives like Facebook ad template, Slideshow Maker, Youtube Intro Maker, Facebook Video Ads, Instagram Video Editor, Wedding Invitation Templates, Promo Video Maker.


The best part about using InVideo is the fantastic support it offers. InVideo provides you with all the means to educate you on the video maker and its functionalities. It offers a live chat feature and has 24×7 customer support at your service. It also has a demo to show you how you can go about with your first ever video. So now you can make your videos with live assistance without any hassle!

Ever Improving

Another part about InVideo is its consistent updates, each with new and better features.

Whether you have a professional plan or an Enterprise Plan, you will find that the templates are even better and more in number with updates. Brand new features are also added based upon their necessity. The typical speed of these windows compatible video editing software when used is also always on a constant improving state. It is only a matter of time that InVideo becomes the only video editing software one would ever need.


Speed is one of the essential factors to consider when choosing video editing software. Specific windows video editing software are often found to be slow and laggy. However, that is not the case with InVideo that offers quick output with a crisp and clear definition. InVideo is getting a lot of traction for its fantastic performance on all windows operating systems.

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