Why Should You Start Watching Albanian TV on Streaming App?

Multiple reasons can lead you to understand the need to watch Albanian TV. You might be interested in studying culture and language. You might be preparing for a trip throughout Albania. Or you might be moving from Albania to other countries. Maybe, you don’t want to forget the Albanian language as well as you want your children to learn it.

Despite this reason, it is a good idea to watch Albanian TV. Since it is impossible to stream Albanian television directly, there are platforms that deliver kanale shqip to Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia. For example, if you are from America or Canada, you can opt for TVALB, another albanian TV app. European and Australian viewers should choose NimiTV for streaming Albanian channels. Let’s concentrate on it.

Why Should You Start Streaming Albanian TV on NimiTV?

#1 There is a plethora of content

The main aim of NimiTV is to provide Albanian communities in European countries with TV channels originally streamed in Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania. For this reason, more than 250 Albanian TV channels are available on the platform. They include content from popular platforms such as Tring, Artmotion, and Kujtesa.

Furthermore, NimiTV brings up to 2000 channels from such European countries as Greece, Germany, and others. There are around 10000 movie titles available on demand (VOD). Sports fans can enjoy 40 sports channels that stream major events. Also, there is plenty of content for kids. As a result, everyone can find a show to watch according to their interests.

#2 You can stream content on any device

NimiTV utilizes IPTV technology to deliver content from Albania to other countries. This allows the streaming of all content available on any device, including Smart TVs, mobile phones, and computers.

NimiTV offers two plans with different device sets for each one. One package costs 7,5€, allowing subscribers to watch videos on a Smart TV, a mobile phone, and a computer. Another package is priced at 4,99€ and gives access to content only on a mobile phone.

When opting for a plan with a wider device set, viewers are able to choose the gadget that is more convenient for usage at the current moment. They can watch videos on the go utilizing a phone or enjoy a high-quality video on a Smart TV.

#3 You can travel and still watch your favorite shows

Since NimiTV leverages IPTV technology to deliver its content to European countries, viewers can easily travel throughout Europe and still watch their favorite shows. It also allows users to move to another country and stay connected with their native land.

When you live in another culture, you probably miss your own from time to time. And one of the ways to feel connected once again is by watching the news or shows to get in touch with a familiar mindset. This is the purpose of NimiTV: to provide the Albanian diaspora with its native television abroad.

Drawing the Line

NimiTV delivers a plethora of content to viewers in European countries and Australia. Users can enjoy more than 250 Albanian TV channels, up to 2000 channels from other countries, and around 10000 movies available on demand. Everyone will find shows and programs to enjoy in their free time. Sports fans, kids, music lovers, TV show enthusiasts, and others will find content according to their interests.

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