Why These Companies Focus on Customer Success

Running a company is no easy task. Not only do you have to focus on appropriately leading your people, you have to make sure the customers value your business and its products/services enough to continue using them.

So not only should a company focus on the success of its employees and products. It should also focus on the success of its customers. Especially if its customers are typically other businesses.

If a company is looking to use another company’s services for operation, they are going to want to look at that company’s previous clients to determine how successful they’ve been. Thus, the company offering the service is going to want to care greatly about how well their service is working for their current clients.

Read on to see four examples of companies that focus on customer success, and why it is so effective.

1. Vaster Capital

Vaster Capital is a custom mortgage loan solution company. They specialize in bridge loans, real estate financing, non-bank lending, and investor loans. When they take on a new client, whether they are a business or an individual, their main job is to get them to close the deal as soon as possible. Creating a situation in which everyone wins.

Their product is essentially the success of their customers. So, it’s no wonder why they focus so heavily on it. They work hard to gather all of their customers’ information and give them the best solution tailored specifically to their situation. They advertise a simple process complete with total transparency, fast closings, and personalized assistance. They want their customers to feel comfortable while they are getting the product they need. That way they are free to trust the process and focus on the more important and specific aspects of their business.

While Vaster’s main product is loan solutions, they are actually essentially providing the product of customer success. If their customers don’t succeed, then they most likely didn’t do their job quite right. If the greater majority of their customers don’t succeed, then they would likely stop getting work because people would stop using them. It’s because of this cause and effect that Vaster Capital is so great about focusing on their customers’ success.

2. Settle

Settle is a company dedicated to the management of cash flow for modern businesses. They offer services that allow companies to delay payment for invoices to scale up at the rate they are growing. It can essentially be seen as a short term investor that is available every step of the way. Their product revolves around businesses who are experiencing success, so it makes sense that they would care greatly about the continuation of that success and aid in that progression.

They focus on their customers’ success by streamlining their finances in ways that are easy and accessible. They offer global access with no hidden fees or transaction costs, they complete and track all of your payments in one place while offering seamless integration to accounts like Xero and Quickbooks, and offer flexible management of payments and profile with their easy to use website allowing you to effortlessly handle all of your invoicing and payment needs.

With the way that Settle is set up and the product they offer, it wouldn’t make sense for them not to place a heavy emphasis on the success of their customers. Companies who are already experiencing success come to Settle to receive assistance in handling the success. Settle focuses on that company’s success and ensures they can continue on an upward trajectory. Thus, bringing success to both them and their customers.

3. Community

Community offers a sms marketing community that exists to bring an efficient form of direct communication from a company to its customers or clients. Companies often don’t have great platforms to reach out to their customers directly. There is social media and email. However, social media has the major hurdle of algorithms, and people dismiss most non-work related emails as soon as they come in. Even so, neither form of communication is efficiently direct. Especially not as direct as text. Everyone in this day and age texts, so Community captures this and offers a company the ability to text anyone who wants to be texted. This streamlined communication can have a direct effect on the success and popularity of any company. People need information about something in order to want it.

Community offers this streamlined communication by giving a company a specific phone number, the ability to easily send personalized messages, and information about the receivers of the message so that they can efficiently send messages to targeted audiences within their text community.

The success of the company using this service is paramount to the success of Community itself. So, naturally they work to ensure that their customers will experience success while using their product giving both parties the best of both worlds.

4. Awesome OS

Awesome OS offers services like outsourcing administrative work. Outsourcing has been a known advantage in the business world for years. When your company doesn’t have the time, manpower, or money to invest in covering a certain category of operation, simply hire another company to do it. A company that focuses solely on that operation. A lot of people utilize this on the financial side of things. They higher out other companies for payroll and taxes, but there are so many more options for outsourcing. Among these is administrative work. There are obviously a plethora of administrative duties in every company. From scheduling to hiring to answering customers’ questions it can be a lot to hire and train entire teams to run this. In fact, in some cases it can be virtually impossible for a company depending on where they are at in their growth.

This is why Awesome OS offers an efficient way to outsource whatever you need. They do this by having a team adapt to whatever the culture of the business is. Acting as an extension of the business to create smooth operation and efficient communication. They also offer all-inclusive rates and guarantee no hidden fees of any kind.

Awesome OS exists to make the operation of certain sections of businesses run smoothly. They essentially exist to help successful companies become more successful. Ensuring the success of their customers also ensures their own success.

Every company should focus on the success of their customers. No matter what product or service they offer, or what marketing tools they may use. If the company is of moral nature, they should delight in the success of their customers. It should be the natural reaction.

Some business models are created in such a way that highlight the success of both parties. Like the companies above, they all exist to come alongside other companies experiencing success. They can come alongside in a way that maintains operation and allows for further growth, or sometimes they come alongside and act as a catalyst for even more success. Either way, a company that offers this help depends on the success of their customers. Thus, those types of companies care greatly about the success of those that employ them.

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