Why Working from Home is the Perfect Time to Try CBD

The past 12 months has seen working from home becoming part of everyday life for most employees across the globe. For many businesses, this new way of operating has enabled workforces to become more productive than ever before, while some have viewed remote working as a roadblock in their success.

What’s clear is that while working from home does share its fair amount of logistical advantages for employees, such as reduced travel costs and an improved work-life balance, there are undoubtedly a few psychological cons, including burnout, loneliness, and impacted mental health. In times like this, CBD products from leading companies in the industry such as Vitality CBD Oils could be the answer in keeping the mind and body healthy while away from the office.

What is CBD?

The CBD wellness revolution has exploded in popularity within recent years, largely due to its remarkable benefits that have been claimed and supported by a number of leading healthcare institutions. In short, CBD (cannabidiol) is a non psychotropic, non-addictive compound cannabinoid in one of more than 120 unique compounds found in the hemp plant. The hemp plant itself is additionally used to make rope, clothing, paper and other consumer goods.

This astounding compound can be consumed as part of your daily wellness routine in the form of CBD oils, sprays, gummies, balms or cosmetics products such as CBD creams and serums. Consumers should be aware that CBD does not act on the same neural pathways as the psychotropic compound THC, meaning it is medically registered as safe to use for a variety of wellbeing and therapeutic purposes.

What are the key benefits of CBD?

There’s no question that the pandemic has impacted many people’s sleeping patterns. With our minds active at night with worrying COVID-19 news headlines, drifting off to sleep can sometimes feel impossible. Troubled sleeping habits can result in repercussions for the following work day, including increased stress levels and a decreased sense of focus.

CBD’s relationship with the endocannabinoid system is understood to influence and support energy levels, coordination, concentration and other significant functions throughout the body.  In essence, CBD works in harmony with the body and encourages the receptors in the endocannabinoid network to regulate numerous important bodily functions to achieve a sense of balance known as homeostasis. With its ability to stimulate alertness and even reduce insomnia, CBD is undeniably an impressive chemical compound, and one that should be considered for those struggling with restless nights.

Working from home presents its physical disadvantages too, with stiff joints from non-ergonomic work stations being a common issue. A lack of a designated work area can soon take its toll on our neck, shoulders, and backs, leaving us tempted to slouch and contribute to bad posture. Of course, creating a home office with suitable room and equipment is entirely possible, but smaller homes may not offer such a luxury.

According to both anecdotal and scientific research, CBD can block the transmission of certain pains while interacting with our endocannabinoid system, making it an effective alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers to relax muscles, prevent spasms and tension, as well as relieve discomfort caused by bad posture.

Alongside improving sleep and acting as a painkiller, CBD is widely used in wellbeing routines to help reduce anxiety levels and promote a sense of stability and calm. A lack of office equipment and loud household noises such as dishwashers, washing machines and pets only add to the mountain of stress that can often come with working from home during a global pandemic.

Feelings of stress and anxiety are a natural human response to changing environments and lifestyles, however excessive levels of anxiousness can make day to day life overwhelming. In some cases, anxiety and stress can even cause sufferers to develop physical symptoms, including headaches, shakiness, nausea, and body aches.

Due to CBD’s believed ability to interact with the serotonin receptors in the brain which are responsible for happiness and contentment, ingesting cannabidiol can offer a solution in tackling the unavoidable tensions and pressures of remote working. Overtime, CBD can help to relieve the distressing cycles of stress and anxiety, enabling you to maintain full concentration and motivation for the demands of the work day that lay ahead.

Is remote working here to stay?

Before the coronavirus pandemic, remote working was already a trend which was steadily rising. In fact, according to a report by the job finding website Flexjobs, remote work grew a staggering 7.9% in the years 2016-2017. Since 2018, the number of people who work from home at least once a week stands at 52%. Now, it is almost certain that it is here to stay in conjunction with office working. For now, CBD could be the driving force that employees need to aid their wellbeing and sustain optimum professional performance while working remotely.

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